Wednesday, November 7, 2012

God is on His Throne

It seems a very appropriate title after the last few months, or maybe years? I'm working through part 3 of Precept study on Revelation and oh how I just love learning about my Jesus and His promises. There is so much I've been digesting and reading, its all brought me so much closer to the Lord and clinging to all His promises - for God is a promise keeping God, not one promise has been forgotten and before the end of the Tribulation all will be completed. So I've not been around this place, I've been swamped with work and life and my study. I often journal or blog about things the Lord is teaching me, but in this season I just felt like it was time to be quiet. To listen and drink from the Word and then digest - silently.

King and Queen Williams
As for our life - well its a matter of faith!  We've been trying to keep up the traditions of apple picking, thankful lists, etc, but Drew's school and my increased workload have left little time for much of anything. We've been surviving - God sends those seasons and teaches us much! I'm learning to just follow God's lead on where He directs our family. That has been quite hard for me in the past, but I guess I've had a lot of practice. I've chosen contentment and am praying diligently that the anxiety or business of life will not remove my joy. I am such a grouchy and moody person when stressed, so the past 4 months have given me much opportunity to wrestle with God, (poor husband too!) cling to His promises and try and walk in Joy. It is getting easier! Joy is a choice that is worth seeking.

Drew is spending a lot of time working on school work. Thank the Lord he is great at Math and memorizing because Science, Math, Grammar, Bible and History he just whizzes through, which leaves us a lot of time on phonics, handwriting writing, Spelling and reading. Spelling has become a bad word in our house. All the topics above are linked together. I think he has some mental block and its just a struggle. Drew is being tutored each week for an hour with a reading specialist who specializes in Dyslexia. Mrs Megan is so patient. She too discovered how incredible distract-able Drew is. Drew has been learning a lot at ACA, he loves his teachers and classmates. He also loves art class! Yippee! Drew is making huge progress though - he actually read an entire book last week without giving up. It took him about 3 hours over two days, but he persevered. He also has been getting much better marks on his site words! Drew's report card came home the end of last week and he had all "A 's
" and one "B."

Abby started her Speech classes and is doing well, I'm constantly working with her words and trying to encourage endings to those words. She has her first sickness of the season, I hope its no indicator of things to come - I'm filling her up with lots of fresh goat milk!

Gabe just celebrated his 5th Birthday (a little early since I'll be out of town). I detest parties and the "gimme" attitudes that Birthday presents seem to bring about, so we went on a mini stay-cation to Great Wolf Lodge. It was great to get away for  two days and relax. Abby was a little under the weather so I had to take her home and to the Dr, but that is the joy of being in town! Gabe is growing up so much. He is reading Bob books and working on his Math U See lessons. We also started Explode the Code book 1. We're taking things very slow - kindergarten work will be completed in two years - then we hope to begin him at ACA in first grade just like Drew.

As for John and I, we've taken  the house off the market and now know that God is directing us to rent out our home this coming Spring. Funny how we both thought we needed to be older and have more money in the bank to do that! Once we reworked the #'s everything fell right into place. God is faithful to take us through the trials to teach us lessons and stretch us - I wanted a sold house - God wanted character and chaos to shake our foundations a little. It was an interesting few months of trusting and learning to not have a schedule. I remember the evening I made a crockpot meal and was waiting for John to come home and spend time with us, instead we had a showing and my quiet pleasant evening did not happen. So in the interim we're saving like crazy trying to get 20% to put down on a house this Spring. We'll see what happens!

I've been super busy with work, I'll be traveling to Seattle in a few  days and get back the night before Thanksgiving. I'm so sad our house isn't all decked out of Thanksgiving and we're not having the beloved celebration at my home this year, but I think my mom is going to enjoy the change to host! I've been slowly watching the weight come off! I finally went shopping for some new clothes with my birthday money. Slow and steady is winning this race - finally! Poor John, he misses home cooked meals  - though I do cook but not like I use to!

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