Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life around here.....

Gabe at 7 months - love those roles!
I guess I've become a bi-monthly blogger, things are busy around here! I'm trying to keep up with it all, but alas I couldn't and got very sick. Somehow I ended up with a strep virus, tonsillitis and a horrid sinus infection. I'm finally on the mends, but its been about a week since I had energy and felt ok.

On a bright note, we've been having tons of people look at our house and God was gracious to give me a reprieve while sick so I didn't have to share all those icky germs with interested buyers! The kids are still alive, making messes, building forts, plant cells, timeline projects and reading tons of books. I'm trying to find my joy and smile though life. Tonight I was chatting with the boys and we all agreed that we needed to speak nicer to one another and be encouraging. My tongue became very apparent to me when I was sick and had laryngitis, I could only whisper and the kids couldn't hear me most of the time. There were times I just wanted to yell "be quiet" or "stop that" but nothing came out and it was painful. I quickly learned to whisper and slowly the noise turned off, but the end of the week the kids were walking around whispering to each other, it was nice! I need a sign on my glasses that says "speak soft and kind words only" or something like that.

On a bright note, my weight loss has reached another milestone. I have officially lost the weight I gained with Gabe's pregnancy and kept it off for over 30 days. Actually at last count I only have about 4 more pounds to my goal weight of 125, so who knows, maybe my wedding weight of 120 should be my new goal? I'm so excited, the calorie counting really works!

yesterday we went on our annual trip to the Apple orchard. Abby and Gabe had a great time. Abby learned about sitting still and we worked for a good 45 minutes while the teacher lectured. It was very good training for her. Then we went around and pet chickens and saw butterflies. Gabe listened so well and was such an engaged child, I loved all his questions.

Our house hunting is going well, we're still clueless on where we'll end up or what great plans God has for us, and I'm still trying to be ok with it. We really like the small community of Newark and hope to find a few acres with a house and shop there, we'll see!

John is super busy with work and his tactile league. He is an awesome husband and dad. He took the kids all day Saturday and most of Sunday so I could be home, alone, sick. It felt like a vacation to sleep all day, evening if I went through a whole box of tissues and had a fever. He also did all of Drew's school for Friday and worked on his spelling words. I love you John, your such a great man!

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