Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Missing You

Hi my babies! I was driving  north of Seattle today, the Cascade Mountains surrounded me and the Wine vineyards sprinkled the green, cool, landscape. All I could think about was you, I wondered what you were doing with Daddy and Nana, I wished you were here to see the beautiful water and the tall pine trees. I thought about Drew  climbing trees and Abby getting sick from all the winding roads. I thought Gabe would be sucking his thumb in the back seat while asking me tons of questions.

Drew I read a book on reading today that I think might help me teach you better - thanks Auntie Beth! I prayed for the upcoming school year, for Abby to have a good attitude and pee pee in the potty. Poor Daddy doesn't notice those pee puddles quite as quickly as mommy. I prayed for friends and family and especially for my time away, that I would return refreshed and have more peace about where God has placed us.

I miss you! I can't believe I have been so blessed to always be home with you. This trip for work is only my second since having my kids - God is so gracious. I hear of others at work spending weeks away from home and I've been so protected - God knew exactly where I wanted to be and made it happen even before I was married or knew I wanted kids. What a journey God has sent me on.

Well its off to bed for me! Drew  I bet your still up watching the Olympics! Kiddo's, enjoy this special time with Daddy - keep the house clean and put on new underwear each day! Don't forget to tell Daddy when your hungry and watch out for your sister! I love you!


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