Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Magicians Nephew

This Sunday we finished C.S Lewis' book, the Magicians Nephew. I thought it would be fun to ask Drew what he thought of the book.

Drew, what was your favorite part of the the story?

My favorite part was when the Lion said to the horse - "do you want to be a wing'ed horse" and Aslan changed Strawberry into a flying horse like an eagle.

My second favorite part was when the horse landed and Polly thought she saw something. It turned out to be the witch!

I also liked when the animals thought they should plant Uncle Andrew upside down because they thought he was a tree!

Also, when the  bear took a bee hive and took it and threw it into the cage with Uncle Andrew and the bird gave him worms to eat. And the Elephant took water from his truck and soaked Uncle Andrew with water.

Who were the main characters in the story?

The main characters in the story are: Digory, The Lion Aslan, Witch , and Polly.

Who do you think was the Protagonist?


Who was the antagonist?
The Witch

Who were the minor characters?
I think it was the Animals,  Uncle Andrew, Cabby & His wife Helen

 Tell me about Aslan?

Asland was a lion, a very nice Lion! He made some of the animals talk and others he kept quiet.  Asland told Digory to go to the garden and get the apples, Aslan gave him a warning to to through the door of the garden. Digory expected Aslan to be upset with him but instead Aslan was sad and had tears on his face.

Why do you Aslan send Digory on a Mission to get the apple?

Aslan sent Digory because it was Digiory's mission, he wanted to make sure that Digory would follow the rules and overcome the temptation of the witch?

What happened to the apple-core that Digory planted in his backyard along with the rings?

First, a big apple tree grew in its place, then a big snowstorm blew it down. Then he used some as firewood and the rest for the wardrobe.

That is it for now - off to our next adventure - LEGO building!

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