Sunday, July 22, 2012

Inscriptions for Drew


I  can't  believe the little man your turning into. You are away in Oregon right now and I miss you so much. Your always talking and sharing information with me, I'm having a hard time with all the quiet. Your sissy really misses you, she doesn't have anyone to play with except for me, As we've been playing together I realized that you are very patient and kind when you two play together, She loves her own way, I remember seeing you talk so sweetly to her about how we share and I forgot to tell you that I was so proud of how you handled the situation.

Drew you are a busy and active boy. God has great things for you and your love for life spirit, things that involve a lot of energy and focused determination. I pray that I guide you in the path that God has designed you for. You spent the last 10 days in Oregon climbing trees and cliffs and meeting tons of new people. I loved hearing from friends and their comments about how polite and kind you were. You have a gentle and quiet spirit that longs to please God and others.

Drew you are a very kind and gentle big brother. You are working on not always getting your own way and manipulating situations to get what you want. It is a struggle for you, yet I see the wheels turning in your mind about how your not to be selfish. I loved how you let Gabe sit in the front bucket seat of the Van and then you said you were storing up your treasure in heaven instead of having it on earth. You are very much a thinker. You are always asking tons of questions and thinking about God's creation and how it fits into your world.

I pray as this next school year unfolds that you decide you enjoy reading and see a need for it in your life. You can only be motivated by your own curiosity, I pray you become more curious about knowledge found in books. Ultimately, I pray you will long to read the great love letter written to you from your Father. The Bible will instruct and teach and convict you as you grow older - never stray from the truth of God's word.

Drew I am so blessed and proud of the man you are becoming. You have a sensitivity to the Lord and his precepts. You are so obedient to mommy and daddy - that will make it so much easier to obey the Lord as you grow older. Drew, turn your ears to wisdom and your heart to knowledge - enjoy the blessing of learning.


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