Saturday, June 30, 2012

Williams Family June 2012

Obviously blogging more is not on my renewed habit list. But, that is OK. The month of June was so relaxing and fun for all of us. My kids spent the summer month at home jumping on our new (free!) trampoline that John found on the side of the road, then inside the house reading books and building forts. I actually read 3 books, since I  was getting rid of the evening television habit, and enjoyed lots of down time enjoying my husband who is home for the summer! I wandered up to Oklahoma for a few days awaiting my newest nephew, but he was very cozy and waited to come out almost a week late.

This happens to be the only picture of Drew I captured, he is so busy and I  can't catch him on camera!
June ramped up with a visit from Grandma Patti from China! She returned the hero and charmed the kids with toys and fun and forts! She even watched the kids all weekend and John and I went out to a hotel for the night. It was delightful!

Drew loved Camp Invention this last week - planning and engineering a water  balloon popper. He learned all about energy, created a light up circuit and learned all about inventions and inventors. It is the one camp he looks forward to all year long. Drew is currently in love with jumping on the trampoline and listening to stories. I actually got out a bunch of old books on CD from last summer. I am not joking - I think he has memorized them all. The one set he loves are the Magic Tree House, he also loves James Harriot. We've been reading tons of library books and are going to finish up the last chapter in The Magicians Nephew on Sabbath Sunday with our traditional scones.  I'm not sure what has  come over Drew, I need to remember this moment, because he goes through phases where he doesn't appear to learn anything and I get so frustrated. Then, when he is ready, he just remembers facts and sight words and reads better than I even imagined. He is one smart cookie - he will do anything to get out of reading for himself, so do you know what he does? He memorizes the stories. The whole thing! Tonight I had him read to me a story that we read about a month ago. He started to read it and it dawned on me that he wasn't really tracking with his eyes on the words he was reading. So I took the book away and he kept reading - word for word! That boy! That is why reading is so hard for him - he looks for every other method to not actually read. I can't complain though, the smarts are in there and he will be way smarter than I in a few more years. Tonight Drew and I were out on the trampoline looking  at the moon and we were chatting about the Human Genome Project. I mentioned that it pertained to the genes inside our body that are housed in our DNA. Drew jumped up and grabbed this huge human anatomy book we have from Costco and drug it outside. He flipped to the section about cells and asked me to  read it to him. We spent an hour looking at the human body and all its complex parts. He was so excited to learn about how he poops - no joke - he is such a boy. Drew and I read all about the digestive system - from mouth to anus. I just had to smile because  I get so stuck on sticking to the curriculum plan that when I just enjoy the moments and the questions I can see exactly how much he retains. It is a lot. I asked drew what a cloud was tonight because he was finding objects in them, he replied "water vapor." We studied that over a year ago and I would have never through he'd remember. He also stated that it had been almost a month since we chatted about he moon because he remembered that I said the tiny crescent takes almost 30 days to get back to a tiny crescent (or new moon).

Gabe went to camp for two weeks - one week on mammals and another on dirt. He had a  blast and even made some new friends. Gabe is into bouncing on the trampoline too and is now getting into "Lego Creations." Gabe is my early riser so he spends about an hour before his clock shows 8:00 building crazy ships and tel-porters. That boy keeps me laughing and is the crazy one always hiding in forts and under  tables.

Abby - sweet and crazy Abby is into jumping .That child jumps off everything! She also gets into everything. I found her stuck on top of her dresser yesterday when she was suppose to be napping! She is all into having her hair done, brushing her teeth and playing with baby dolls. She will finally sit still and listen to stories! Her favorite is Goodnight Moon! Abby is growing up so much! This July when Daddy and the boys visit Oregon, the ladies will be home working on potty training and saying goodbye to wubby. My little baby girl is growing up and I've just decided to grow up myself and embrace it!

So that was our June - quiet, fun, relaxing! The evenings were spent reading and  resting in the Lord and being more diligent in prayer. I think I'll continue the trend indefinitely and getting rid of a few DVR auto downloads that will air this Fall. Less is most definitely more!

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