Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Inscriptions for Abby: Sweet Abby Girl

It has been a long time since I've blogged about life. Our lives have been moving and moving. We've been battling a monster called the  terrible 2's and teething. I believe we're finally over the hump - (crossing my finger and praying hard...). Abby had a rough few month, she got into everything, whined all day long and was just unhappy. Then we discovered 4 eye teeth emerging and a few days later, that happy, smiley, chatty, big haired 2 year old returned as quickly as she had disappeared. It was a long few months! This is just an example of the terror she practiced every day at home. Every morning and after every nap I would go into her room to find every item of clothing, and wipe and diaper shewn about her room. I even forgot to take out the homemade eczema cream and to my shock, when I entered I discovered she had covered herself and hair in shea butter and essential oils. What a mess!!!!

We love our baby girl - moods and terrible 2's and all. I'm just so glad she is back to her smiling and laughing and running around after her brothers, instead of whining at my feet and spending a lot of time in time out.

Abby is finally able to sit and listen to books, her favorite thing to do is bring me books so we can cuddle on the bed and read together. She is growing into a personality all her own - full of life and joy and extremes!  She adores her daddy and brothers. She is like a little mother, when we are out in public she wants to hold her brothers hands and if they get too far back she will literally stop and throw a huge fit until they catch up. One day I was trying to leave the house with the boys inside, hoping they would get the hint to hurry up - but Abby sat down on the cement and just whaled about her "Gaaab & Goo."  Since we've moved her to raw goat milk, her hair has grown 3 inches and she has grown taller!  Her shoes are now too small and she is loosing all her baby fat. Before long she will look like a baby no longer.

Abby is such a joy, I love it that she is so not like me. She makes me a way more fun mommy! This girl will be used by God for some very exciting adventures. She has no trouble digging in the dirt, singing a the top of her little lungs, dancing to the music, making giant messes, and praying hard in her little 2ish gibberish. I love you sweet Abby, thank you for keeping me young and always making me guess what comes next!

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