Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dog Days of Summer!

It has been quiet on this here blog space, it isn't for lack of things in our lives, but the opposite. We finished up homeschool year 2 with a  bang! Drew finished up his Math U See, Explode the Code book, unit on European Artists and a whole lot more! We've been relaxing the last week, reading new books, practicing some math facts and encouraging my boys to read, read, read and swim, swim, swim!

I was discouraged to look at all the things I had not accomplished this year, but then I decided to look back at the work we did last September. Now that was an encouragement, to see struggles with simple math facts, penmanship that was not legible and simple words misspelled. I then realized that a lot of learning took places - somehow!

My life with Christ is like that, I struggle with consistency and  discipline, but look back over past years journals and realize that there was growth - it happens when we're practicing the art of disciplines and is almost unseen to the naked eye. It is only when reflecting on the past that we can see the small degree of change.

I am so proud of Drew's hard work this year, he is in love with learning and in love with the Lord - so I'd say we are right where God wants us!

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