Monday, May 21, 2012

Unschooling Days

So its near the end of the year, most curriculum is almost done and we're working our way into a more relaxed environment. I took the pressure off a little actually, a lot. We are going to stay in 1st grade again this next year, enjoy fort and tree climbing, play dates at Bear Creek, lots of pool time and oh yea, work on those things my son is good at.

I took some great classes at the Arlington book fair this last weekend. It was like a breath of much needed air. I determined what I had already known but society kept telling me wasn't so, " Children develop at different times in different areas. No child is great at everything, they all have strengths and weaknesses. Spend time reading TO your child, dig into great works of literature, talk and talk and talk, dig and dig and dig, explore nature, sing loud to the Lord, crawl around of the floor and make forts."

So that is our plan from now through September. Once Drew starts at Alliance Christian we'll see how it all goes. The great thing is that I've given myself the freedom to pull him out if the pressure is too much.

So this is what our unschooling approach looked like this week, I was shocked at how much self learning Drew actually came up with.

Started the morning with breakfast, bible reading, lots of great questions and review.
Kids went outside to play in the yard, I cleaned up the kitchen.
 The kids made a giant fort out of a table, leaves, random objects around the yard and a bunch of blankets and towels from the house - they spent hours playing in their fort and trapping the dogs and random bugs!
Boys came in and asked to color - what? My kids hate coloring! I happily obliged and didn't even ask them what they were going to draw. I sat down and colored with Abby and made a ladybug.
Boys finished and ate a snack, then Drew went off by himself and worked on  his Time4Learning phonics.
After lunch we read another chapter in The Magicians Nephew, Drew begged for a second chapter since I left off with a cliff hanger.
He then went upstairs and created a pulley, gear system out of erector sets. It was really awesome.
After quiet time, Drew emptied the dishwasher and Gabe vacuumed the house.
Then we worked on his Explode the Code and some Math (only 2 more chapters!).
The it was time for dinner and daddy came home and started a sword fight.

The flow was so natural, the questions my kids asked were really intuitive. They learned about the protagonist and antagonist in the story we were reading. I overheard Drew telling his brother "Don't  be such an antagonist Gabe!" That made me smile!

We're excited for summer fun, forts and lots of great books!

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