Friday, April 13, 2012

A Spring Friday

My kids delight me and exhaust me! I love listening to all the things they say, like today while playing Lego's, Gabe told his brother it would take 1008 years for his Lego creation to be complete. Drew responded back with, "Gabe you'll be dead by then!" Gabe was not happy with his  brothers answer and told his brother he doesn't want to die which led to a very spiritual conversation between the 4 and 7 year old (going on27).

Today is Spring Cleaning! We are getting rid of lots of clutter! I'm sorting and Drew is reading for 5 minutes, playing Lego's for 5 minutes, then Gabe gets to "read" and on it goes. Even Abby insists on sitting on my lap and pointing to the words while she pronounces the words in baby speak.

Such a great morning yet I feel very off. It has been a long week, the clutter and mess of the house is getting to me. The exhausted body is craving the gym but we've had things all week long and I haven't been able to get there. Ouch! I did get some Vegi's and spices planted in my garden and some of the backyard weeded this week. I love the Spring planting and making the flowers grow, my favorite times are at night when I hand water all my plants and marvel at God's creation and creativity and all the little creatures serenade me with their songs.

The Lord has been very much convicting my heart about some issues in my life. It is ruff when the Lord prunes you with the Word of God.

Have a blessed Spring Friday!

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