Friday, April 6, 2012


It has been a blessed three weeks! We've recovered from a relaxed but busy Spring Break, with John in Oregon visiting family. It was fun and very wild having all three kids for 5 days all to myself, but we had a blast! We scheduled a lot of  great play dates  with my friend Robyn, we  went to the library twice, went to a snake exhibit and learned everything there is to know about snakes. It was a great time of just me and the kids - we sure missed Daddy while he was gone though.

We were a little behind schedule since I'd taken a few days in Oregon and a few extra days off because work was busy, so Spring Break wasn't exactly a school break for Drew,  but he didn't mind too much. We recently finished Handwriting without Tears and all the  1st grade modules in Time4Learning so Drew is off working on second grade, He is so excited. Drew is only 5 chapters away from finishing the MathUSee Alpha curriculum - we loved the program and are excited to get his working on Beta next year. Drew loves science and math and all his computer work. The struggle for him comes with handwriting and reading. Drew is a great reader, but he hates it. We've been working through sight words and reading new books he picked out at the library, but he isn't very excited about reading.  

We've used our Science museum pass a ton this year, we've visited twice in the last month and just love the tactile lessons they are learning and developing while we're there. Abby and Gabe are doing well, Gabe started his Time4Learning kindergarten curriculum which he already did on Drew's account. Now he has his own and I thought it would  be wise to re-do all the lessons again. Abby is her adventurous self, we're working on coming when called and staying in bed. Abby delights my day and keeps me on my toes! Her brothers help keep her in line too! Abby has been doing great being off dairy and looks so healthy. We are so blessed with her health!

Easter is upon us and we've been playing in our tomb and retelling the Easter story a lot. I've enjoyed having lots of family time and cuddles on the couch. Most of the kids lessons that they get take place through conversations all day long - like "mom why won't she be my friend," or "what did Jesus do before he was resurrected."  I love all their great questions!

The boys started swimming lessons, Gabe needs to learn to swim and Drew is working on his skill (he isn't very coordinated). This coming Monday Drew leaves with his Daddy for Pine Cove camp - they are so excited. Drew has been looking forward to Pine Cove all  school year. He gets to go with his Homeschool class at Venture. Sadly, we will not be returning in the fall, we have signed Drew up for Alliance Christian for the 2012-2013 school year. It took a lot of prayer and wondering, but John made the final decision a few weeks ago. We both decided that a 3 day a week program for a few years might encourage his academics a little and allow his social needs to be met. This will also allow me to work more one on one with Gabe and Abby during the days.

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