Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"The days are long but the years are short."

The last few months I've had some really long day!!!  I was looking  back at pictures of Abby's 2nd birthday and couldn't  believe how much she has changed in just 4 months! These days I'm having a hard time keeping up, putting articulate sentences together seem hard too. I'm not exactly sure why life seems overwhelming - nothing too new or crazy has taken place.

My work has been a little more time consuming, a sweet boss of mine has taken leave due to illness,  which has left a large void. I'm not sure all he did but I know it was a lot. We're all filling in and learning new duties. I've added some new stuff onto my plate and that may be why I'm a little out of sorts?  I've been sleeping more, tired more, and well more irritable too. I'm working out more, it takes a lot of time out of my day which may account for my lack of  energy? I know working out gives you more energy, but I typically go in the afternoon so  the mornings drag on and then I can't go to bed on time.

The kids are great, Drew is reading much better. I also had him in to an eye specialist  and we're working on getting his right eye to see better. Drew's last day of Venture is Thursday, he spent last week at Pine Cove camp with his school  and daddy. He went off a zip line, rode horses and jumped off the high dive! What a bold boy I have!!!! Drew is excited for summer camps to come - he has some tutoring in reading this summer, Camp Invention and Vacation Bible School. Gabe is going to camp for two weeks  in June through Little Sprouts Preschool.  He is excited to spend a week learning about dirt and another week learning about mammals.

John is finishing up the school year with testing this week. He just signed up for Summer School so we're praying he gets picked as it will help pay for Drew's tuition next Fall. Drew will  be going to Alliance Christian which is 3 days per week.  Next year will be a huge change for me - I'm a little sad about not having my big helper Drew home all the time, but I know he will learn a lot and thoroughly enjoy being so social and meeting new friends!

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