Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One Year

 One year ago I took these pictures of my kids, I can't believe the difference a year makes. My how they have grown! I love my kids - my boys are becoming such wise men, they love to protect their little sister and help me keep her out of trouble and mischief!
 Abby -you have grown so much in a year! Look at your short hair. Now you have long curly hair that I can't keep track of - it loves to get all tangled up and you hate me to brush those tangles out. I remember this picture. You had finally been well for about 1 month and I took you to a friends birthday party. This was the beginning of your health journey - you had just been taken off all medications and were breathing so well! I am so glad that I can say a year later your healthier and happier - so healthy that you get into everything and keep me on my toes!
 My boys still love each other deeply - just this last week  some  boys were being mean to Drew and timid Gabe rushed over and told them to speak kind to his "Bruther!" Drew was so proud of Gabe for standing up for him that the mean boys were forgotten and the two "bruthers" ran off to play together. Later on in the car Gabe asked if we could pray for the mean boys. Do you know what he prayed for? Gabe prayed that the Lord Jesus would come into their hearts so they would have the power to speak kind words. Wow - I cried a little because there are so many times that I repeat the same message over and over and feel like they are spoken on deaf ears. I really appreciated God sending me this special day with my boys - a simple park day turned into such an encouragement to this weary mommy!

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