Friday, March 23, 2012

Health Update

I am so encouraged! I think we made it though Fall & Winter without any sickness - no flu, no RSV not even a severe cold. The kids asthma symptoms scaled way back and I think we only had one little bout of asthma related issues after Christmas. The chiropractor has been a huge help in that area! This cold/flu season was so different than the last 2 since Abby's birth - it was a huge encouragement that our organic foods and healthy eating and vitamin routines are working.

I spent the last few weeks working on Abby's eczema that has been really bad since birth. She is finally all nice and smooth for the fist time ever! I cleaned out her system with a few high doses of Raw Garden of Life Probiotics which I'm fairly confident she needed because she has had the grossest stools for about 3 days! Then we took away milk two weeks ago and noticed a huge improvement. So, now Abby is off dairy and eggs - but she is enjoying her raw goat milk from Homestead farms.All the kids are on vitamin supplements of: Kids probiotics (1 billion), a multivitamin, a liquid vitamin D dropped into their morning drink,  and flax seed hidden somewhere in their morning food. Drew is also on: Magnesium & Krill oil. 

Now that their health appears to not be an issue, all three of my kids seem to have boundless bottles of energy that I have a hard time containing! We've been spending a lot of time exploring parks and museums and nature because their energy seems to get them all into trouble if  I don't find something challenge them. In fact we were on our way to the park this afternoon when I ran of a rather large rock with my  back tire and ended up getting a very bad flat tire. Oops!

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Great that you determined your daughter's eczema triggers. Milk can really cause eczema to flare and did a lot of damage to my son as well. We tried goat and raw cow's milk, but neither were ok for him. He's now on flax and hemp milk for now.