Friday, March 9, 2012

2/22 - The Day God Delivered a Miracle

This blog post should be different, I should be writing it from a hospital room or goodness, from the prospective of a grieving mother? I have a hard time writing these words today, still in shock from the events of yesterday evening. All I can keep repeating in my mind is "God performed a miracle."

I would prefer not to write this post at all - seeing as my pride says I should have known better, my mischievous little girls is way more daring than my two boys put together!

So, yesterday was a beautifully warm day, it felt like I should do some Spring cleaning. So I opened all the windows upstairs, clean out the air filters, re-arranged Abby's room so she could move to a big full size bed and cleaned all the sheets. It was a great day and I loved the cool breeze throughout the house. Daddy came home at 5:30 as usual and we all sat down for dinner. We had a neighbor over so we were all chatting after dinner. John moved to take the crib from the entry way into the van to take to my mothers for storage until my sister needs it in a few months. The boys and the neighbor were sent upstairs to clean up the bedroom.

Then the unthinkable happened. John came rushing into the house with little Abby in his arms. She was crying and John was so upset. John yelled "Abby fell out the upstairs window!" I was in shock! We weren't sure what to do. All I could do was hug my little girl and pray - prayers of healing and prayers of thanksgiving that she was breathing and had not landed on her head. I got in front of her to comfort her and she vomited up all her dinner. Then she stopped crying. We just stared at her for a few minutes - asking her to lift her arms and move her head, etc. John had witnessed the whole thing - poor guy will  be traumatized for the rest of his life.

Abby had gone upstairs with the kids to pickup the bedroom. John saw her in the window and realized the windows were open. Abby then began pushing on the solar screen and toppled right out the front window when the solar screen came unscrewed. John ran to catch her but missed by about a foot. Only God knows what happened, but it appeared that the solar screen landed first on a tall flower pot and the ground - acting like a trampoline it catapulted her softly onto her side. The solar screen cushioned her fall and she then landed a few inches away from a large rock. The window upstairs is 20 feet above the ground. Our sweet girl fell 20 feet out our front window and only had a little scratch on her shoulder as proof of her ordeal. That can only be explained as a miracle from our blessed Lord. We had chopped the branches on the tree a few months back and John had just removed the tree house he had built over Christmas. If those things hadn't been removed the branches or tree house would have caught the solar screen and Abby would have fallen without her cushion.

Each night when I put Abby to bed I pray Numbers 6:24-27

24 May the LORD bless Abby
   and keep Abby;
25 May the LORD make his face shine upon Abby
   and be gracious to Abby;
26 the LORD turn his face toward Abby
   and give you peace.”’
“Lord, put your name on her heart, and  bless her.”

I now pray that prayer with new meaning, we will forever be changed as we look into our baby's eyes and recognized that God is still in the miracle business and delights in revealing Himself to us. May the Lord be honored and glorified in us as we share this story with others!

PS - as much as we delight in God's miracles, John promptly installed locks on our windows upstairs that only allows them to be opened 1 foot! We now know that solar screens are not a deterrent to our ever  curious and "dare I say" fearless little girl!

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