Friday, February 3, 2012

Surrounded & Imperfect

I was reading through Genesis this week and just felt such frustration towards these men of great faith - like Abraham  and Noah and Isaac & Jacob. I see their stories unfold and all the trouble and sin they get themselves into. I then go to Hebrews and read about their great faith and how they are  beloved by God.

I stop,  look around at my children's hearts, their sin nature -- my own sin nature. I look at some bad choices they have made this last week and Satan subtly sneaks in and says "...they are broken, you are broken, God will never use you, your just a mess up sinner that will always make mistakes...."

Somehow I read these crazy bad choices of God fearing men and women and am encouraged. I am encouraged because God dealt directly with their sin and then moved on. He never brought up their failings and bad choices again. God dealt with the sin, he didn't overlook it, then pushed them on towards a mission. These crazy characters of old inspired me this morning, they refuted the lies of Satan.

The wisdom and truth in the Bible feed me manna from heaven this morning and challenge me to deal with my own sin, then the sins of my children and move on.  My sins do not define me - but refine me. In my sin I see the messed up person I truly am. A one who deserves to die in Hell, then I see my Father's love daily redeeming me from the pit with His ultimate sacrifice - His perfect and Holy son Jesus Christ. I am broken - that is no lie. I am a messed up sinner who will always struggle against my sinful flesh - that is no lie. But God will use me because I am redeemed, I am forgiven, I am in Christ, I posses the most precious and necessary tool - the Holy Spirit  and He has dealt with my sin today and is sending me onward to do great and mighty deeds in His Name.

Today Lord, I see Your greatness, I see your love, your chastising and your prodding. Your words whisper in my heart, nudging me to "... leave your sin behind and move ahead to the plans I have for you. I can and will use you, I have redeemed you from the hands of Satan and I remember your sins no more. Your sins were nailed to that cross with my Son, my most precious possession. Jesus' blood dealt with your sin, now go, walk in obedience and watch me do great things in My name."

Amen Lord, Amen

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