Monday, February 20, 2012

Mom Heart Conference 2012

Again, I drove to Dallas, exhausted, weary, & broken. I needed to drink from the biblical wisdom of a woman who has gone before me, who has raised up a generation of leaders who have convictions and depth. I attended my 4th Mom Heart Conference and drank from the well of living water. What an impact Sally Clarkson has had on my life. She reminds me and encourages me of the truths laid out in scripture. She convicts my heart and brings up my pride as gently as anyone I know, then gentle moves me from that shame and covers me with a reminder of God's abundant grace.

I stood in awe and sang with a chorus of 800 women all walking through the same battle - captivating the hearts of our children. I  stood trembling as Sally shared a dream the Lord gave her many years ago when she too was weary of ministering. The dream showed a  newborn baby, laying alone on a white blanket screaming and flailing his fists. His lungs were screaming out and his face blue. Sally and the Lord were above watching the horrific scene of Satan and his demons hurl arrows at the  baby with words like "Pornography" and "Alcohol" and "sexual abuse." Sally looks at God and cries out "Why isn't anyone protecting the baby?" "Where are all the mothers!"

God then looks down with tears and says " They are not here."

I have a dream too - to start a community of mom's who come together and pray for our families and children. To band together as mothers,  sharing struggles and encouraging weary hearts to hold fast to God's ideals and to stand firm. I'll share more on that later!

I saw that vision in my mind playing out this morning as I choose to serve and bless my children with a full cup. I took them cocoa in bed with marshmallows and then we talked about how amazing God is to create such delights as hot cocoa and marshmallows! My goal was to capture their hearts first thing, to fill up their souls with the Word of God covered with hugs and cuddles and quiet spoken blessings. Then we tackled the day with grace and joy. Sally shared at the conference that my "... goal in education is reaching their heart, filling their emotional cup, teaching them moral foundations, capturing their vision for life for the kingdom of God, teaching them what it looks like to walk through difficult times while holding tight to the hand of God. "

I am raising a  generation for the Lord, He has equipped me with His Word and sweet Sally who writes books and whose children write music that feed the soul and spur me onward.

Lord - way I never surrender this post, keep me blind to the criticisms and frowns of others. Keep me on the path of righteousness, Thank you Lord for your grace to pick up this weary body and fill it with your Word and a vision for tomorrow. May the ideals and visions from you not become corrupted by culture, keep my heart pure and my eyes fixed straight ahead. Amen

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