Thursday, January 12, 2012

What is in a title?

So I haven't had the urge to blog and haven't had the urge to come up with a snappy title either. Who needs titles!

So far in 2012 we've  celebrated a New year and 9 wonderful years of pure bliss ... wink. Yes, a pure marriage is one that goes through a lot of junk, enjoys the blissful moments of married life and just keeps reafirming the commitment. Joy is experienced along the way. I am so glad that marriage changes me, changes my selfishness into love and respect and kindness. I am glad that 9 years of marriage finds me to be a more soft person - though evidently still strong willed. John and I escaped for a weekend away, thank you Grandma!, and enjoyed hours upon uninterupted hours of talking and sharing and dreaming. It was just what our marriage needed - a little Red Bull! One thing that came out of our time was the fact that I am a strong willed wife. I was made that way by God and it provides us a lot of benefits, but it also produces some negative draws that I need to work on. I do find some rest in realizing for the first time in my life that I am very determined and typically get what I want - that sounds so bad! Getting what I want isn't all  bad - I wanted my dashing husband and I finally landed him, I wanted kids and look at my 3 beautiful sweeties! I also wanted a horse who taught me money management skills and tons of responsibility. Anyhow, the new year is off to a great start - 9 years of marriage sure goes by fast! Now I just need to reign in the not so glorious attributes of being strong willed.

On to the rest of life - we're still here, enjoying tons of company, still schooling and still working. Wow, life needs to settle down. I've been enjoying some creative organic cooking, baking homemade bread with my own milled wheat, growing my own herbs, and making Abby's eczema cream which doubles as a great moisturizer. I tried a No Poo rinse on my hair the other day - can't say I loved it but I can say I tried it! Our worms are still composting, dogs still shedding, kids still learning and John is back to school working.

My kids have been receiving some reality checks since Christmas. I actually made Drew sit for 15 minutes without moving last night because he was unable to sit still at dinner. He also had to vacuum the hwole house today because as we were exiting the farmers market his "wiggles" caused him to elbow 3 apples off their stand and onto the hard floor. Drew paid for the apples with my money and then earned the 2.00 back by vacuuming - I wonder if he will calm down next time?

Gabe has been awful lately, so I took him out on a date while Drew was in school. I must confess I deeply wanted to go home and work since I'm way behind, but when the Holy Spirit speaks, I obey. So we went out on a Mommy date and just spent the morning together. We played play dough, went out for "coffee" and he helped me pick out our fresh food at Sprouts. We went on a walk and enjoyed playing airplanes that loved to eat the "worms" I made out of play dough. . Then he had Grandma all to himself for 2 hours which he loved! Gabe is my quality time kid - he also struggles with anger and often feels jealous of others who can perform better than he can. He deeply wants to do school just like Drew but he is also just 4 and his attention span is still quite short. John and I are both spending extra time filling up his love tank with special responsibilities and dates. Gabe is the sweetest little boy and I pray that his recent outburst of anger will only draw him to a relationship with Jesus.

Here are some fun picture of what we were up to while off from school in December.
We celebrated Jesus, though Next year I vow to do Christmas differently.

Gingerbread Houses with Lots of candy eaten!

Yes, see the frosting, Drew ate it by the knife full.... yuck!

Yummy Houses and Candy!

We ... No the Boys, built a fort in the front yard on Christmas Eve,

Yes, we are the odd ducks in the neighborhood and yes I'm sure the HOA will be sending us a letter, despite John calling it a "bird house."

Kitty finally got a pink house and is so excited to see girl things in the house,

Abby finally has some girly things and tons of dolls!

The infamous helicopter...see the next picture to find out why it is called "infamous."

3 men, 1 kids toy, 1 almost ambulance call, thank you Howard for saving John's life!

Some candy did make it onto the house - though it all  went on after the kids were sick!

Papa came to visit!

We went to the park and burned off all the kids candy energy.

Uncle Howard and Abby kit it off!

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