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Organic Grocery Budget

In an effort to be healthier and know what we're putting in our  bodies, we've been going green. Yes, the crazy coupon queen who always got a thrill with spending less and buying more is singing a different tune. We're going green and spending more money on groceries yet I would like to argue that we are still spending the same, if not less, and have more money set aside for future medical care and are much healthier. How is that possible - you ask?

Well, we went from a 375.00 per month grocery budget (2010) for  a family of 5, to a 500.00 per month grocery budget (7/2011-present). That is an increase of 125.00 which allows us to eat primarily organic!  We were spending 200.00 per month on co-pays and medication for the  family. We are now down to no medications. Sing Hallelujah!  I then took the 75.00 savings between grocery increases & medication/co-pays and are putting that, plus an additional 25.00 that I found in the budget due to the pre- tax savings, into our HSA.  Before our HSA, we were missing out on the pre-tax benefits for all our medical care - ouch!. Our HSA (Health Care Savings Account) will rolls over each month and follow us into retirement! We have an added incentive to being healthy!  Please note an HSA is different than a FSA (Flexible Spending Account), which  you must use in full each year.  An HSA uses pre-tax funds and you never lose what you don't use!

We also have some additional health savings which aren't calculated into this equation - I increased our family deductibles to 1,000 & 1,200 which we haven't tapped into because we're quite healthy, and I am saving 100.00 per month, we are also saving 120.00 per month on dental insurance and paying out of pocket for our teeth cleanings which don't cost us more than 400.00 per year for routine dental cleanings 2x per year.  That is a savings of 240.00 per month. That extra 240.00 goes into our long term savings account in the event we need to use our high deductible AND we already used the HSA in full. I love that!

So some have asked - how is it that you only spend 500.00 a month on Organic groceries for 5 people. This includes all paper products, diapers, pull ups, hygiene products, and anything else you would buy at a grocery store. I think 500.00 is a lot compared to  what I use to spend but still find it fun to make sure I stay within the budget. Here is my monthly breakdown on food based on where I shop:

    • 100.00 Azure Standard  Order Monthly
    • 30.00 Zaycon Foods  Order Bi-Annually all our Ground Beef & Chicken
    • 60.00 Costco
    • 50.00 Amazon
    • 18.00 Farm Fresh Eggs
    • 60.00 Texas Daily Harvest (2 gal Milk per week)
    • 75.00 Sprouts (Fruit/Vegi's/org Creamer)
    • 75.00 Kroger/Tom Thumb (various organic discounted items, milk for yogurt, almond milk for smoothies)
    • 25.00 Colleyville Farmers Market (Local, in season produce)
    • 8.00 Bread Store (Mrs Bayrd's for sandwhich bread 1.25 Ora-wheat bread day old 14 loaves every 2 Months)
Total: 501.00 Monthly
For the Azure Standard, Costco and Amazon purchases I allocate monthly for larger items, many I only order 1 to 2x per year. Here is a list of what I frequent each month at Azure Standard, their catalog is so large it is hard to know where to start!

Azure Monthly
Org Walla Walla Sweet Onions 3 lbs                 3.45

Fresh Org Fruit - apples/pears/peaches               15.00
Org Canned Pumpkin                 1.85
1 LB Sweet Cream Butter                 3.85
Org Sour Cream                  2.90
10 LBS Bulk Blackberries               20.35
Acai Frozen (4 PK)                 3.70
Org Yukon Potatoes 5 LBS                 6.00
Sappo Hill Soap Bar Soap, Oatmeal                 1.65
Biokleen                 3.60
Fresh Org Leeks 16 oz                 1.55
Biokleen Dish Liquid                 4.50
Sprouted Wheat Tortillas 13.2 oz                 2.45
Org Rapadura Cane Sugar 24 oz                 4.80
Amount Allocated for Bi-Annual Items               21.09


Azure Standard  Bi - Annually

25 lbs Hard White Wheat Berries               12.90
2 oz ORG Peppermint Extract                 3.95
20 LBS Fuji Apples               17.00
ORG Relish (10 OZ)                 2.80
Oranges 10 lbs                 5.80
Whole Groats 5 lbs                 3.80
Organic Vanilla 4oz               11.15
Org Diaper Cream                 6.00
Northern Beans Organic 5 lbs                 6.30
Azure Org Popcorn 5 lbs                 5.00
Org Chocolate Syrup                 5.70
RAW Bulk cheddar 5 LB Block               26.00
White Wildflower Honey 2.2 lbs               20.15

21.09 monthly

Costco Bulk Items

Fine Granulated Organic Sugar 10 lb.                 8.69
Honey for  Cooking                 8.50
Strawberry's Frozen 5 LBS                 6.99
Kirkland Signature Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Filippo Berio) 1.5ltr                  9.99
McCormick Organic Basil 2.85oz.                 2.79
Golden Organic Ground Flax 40oz. $8.89                 8.89
McCormick Organic Oregano 2.5oz. $3.49                 3.49
Peanut Butter Organic 2-28oz.                  8.59
Butter Organic 2lb. $6.99                 6.99
Strawberry Jam Organic 42oz. $6.99                 6.99
Texmati Brown Rice Organic 6lb                 9.39
Quinoa Organic 4lb.                 9.59
Frozen Wawona Organic Freestone Peaches 4lb $7.79                 7.79
Sugar in the Raw 6lb                 7.69
Vinegar (white) 1.3gal                  3.29
Baking Soda 13.5lb.                 5.39
Sabra Hummus  32oz                 5.99
Earthbound Organic Carrots, 10 lbs for                 6.29
Earthbound Organic spinach, 1 lb for                 3.99
Minced Garlic                 3.29
Frigo Cheese sticks 60 count                 9.59

Averages to 57.27 Monthly based on the amount of each item I buy annually.

 Amazon Buys 

 Charmin Ultra Strong, Mega Rolls, 4 Count Pack (Pack of 6) 24 Total Rolls                21.80
 Kids Krill Oil  17.08
 Seventh Generation Baby Diaper Stage 4 Super Jumbo Pack, 64-Count  15.99

Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 54-Ounce Containers (Pack of 2) 37.35
 Coombs Organic Maple Syrup 32 oz                20.00
 Seventh Generation Baby Wipes  9.51
 Bob's Red Mill Organic Oat Bran Hot Cereal, 18-Ounce Bags (Pack of 4)   9.59
 Mason Vitamins Healthy Kids Cod Liver Oil and Vitamin D, Tasty Chewable Orange Flavor, 100-Count, (Pack of 3)   7.65
 Seventh Generation Training Pants, 3T-4T, 22 Count (Pack of 4)  28.3

Averages to   47.37 Monthly

Here is a list of the items I've learned how to make myself:

* Vanilla extract is my next item to learn to make myself
 Laundry Soap 
 Salad Dressing 
 Snack foods: muffins, granola bars,
 Non sandwich breads
 Milled Wheat 
 Powdered Sugar

Happy Shopping!

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