Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January: Birthday's, Family, Fun Times

Abby on her 2nd Birthday having pancakes on the "special plate!"

 January flew by with two birthdays, our 9th anniversary and a lot of family visiting from out of state. It was crazy around here - but oh so fun! Here is our January in pictures, since they tell the tales much better than I  can in  words. Sorry for the blur, my camera settings were of and I was a little busy enjoying my life to spend much time photographing it. When I did download the pictures I noticed a setting on my camera was wrong.... oops!
Grandma Patti came to visit! Oh the fun! She watched the kids over our Anniversary so we could escape for a weekend away. Delightful! Thank you Patti!

Nana was over a lot with Great Nana. Oh how we miss Great Nana!

Uncle Howard and Papa from Seattle spent time with the kiddo's!

The boys loved using Papa as a jungle-gym!

Lots of time was spent outside getting rid of all that energy! Even Abby keeps up on her bike now!

Abby & Uncle Howard were especially close.

Drew decorated Abby's Birthday wrapping.

Abby on her special day and her Tutu from Aunt Sherri!

Cupcake Time!

Drew's Birthday - he turned 7!

Drew loved to make play-dough creatures.

Grandma Carol made Abby and the boys beautiful crocheted hats!

Pajama Day - kind of.....

Abby loves this hat!

Drew on his Birthday with her new hat from Grandma Carol!

Abby with one of her new hats, broken out in a rash from something she ate. Poor baby!

The boys received dog houses to paint from Mrs. Kelly - entertained them for hours!!!The puppies that go inside are so cute!

Gabers and his favorite airplane  from Christmas.

Sweet boy!

Abby giving Grandma Carol snails from the garden - her favorite past time.

Time to play at the park with Grandma Patti!
Cabella's with Papa Tractor.
It was a busy January. We're looking forward to getting back into a routine of sorts.

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