Saturday, January 28, 2012

Inscriptions for Drew: You Are 7!

My darling Drew,

I can't believe you have turned 7 years old. What an inquisitive boy you have turned into this year. You are always asking the question "Why" with genuine interest. You love to learn new things and are always bounding around the house with fresh energy. It is hard for all of us to keep up with your fast pace most days. I am sure God has great plans for all that energy - I call it your "change the world" energy because that energy will be used to accomplish great things for the Lord someday.

You are in 1st grade, you love Science and experiments. You loved Math the first part of the year, but are now not too thrilled with it since the routine doesn't vary too much from day to day. You are learning to read! I'm so proud of all the hard work you are putting in.  You tell me all the time how much you dislike reading because it is "just so hard." Don't worry my son, the very art of reading is teaching you perseverance and self control. I know it is hard to work each  day on something you aren't too crazy about, but one day reading will come easy and it will take you on wonderful adventures! Keep up all the hard work my son - you are learning so much and I'm so proud of you.

Drew, you are a special little boy. You do not fit any mold - you are unique and very outside the box. You are a joy to talk and share ideas with. Your favorite past time is sitting on the couch and sharing life with your momma. You love to talk about your dreams and plans and your next experiment. You adore Lego's and can sit for hours putting sets of them together. Your favorite books are the Magic Tree House adventures. You loved listening to the Little House books this year, your favorite character is their bulldog Jack! Your favorite past time is climbing trees - whenever I can't find you, I just look up! You scare me all the time with how high  you climb.

This 7th year of life is going to bring great changes in your life - you are growing into a boy and we are training you to be more responsible and helpful around the house. I know that servant heart will be matured this year, you are working on learning to clean the bathrooms, empty the dish washer and load the washing machine. You already know how to vacuum downstairs which has been a huge help. While you are 7, you will finally begin to earn an allowance and have specific chores associated with those responsibilities. Drew, you are such a huge example to your brother and sister. They look up to you and do everything that you do.

I pray that this next year you will grow more in maturity and stature. I pray you will come to know and comprehend the grace of God and His sacrifice on the cross for your sins. I pray that this year you will come into the family of Christ - that the verse from Romans 6:23 "For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord..." will become true and realized in your life. I pray that this year you will grow in self control and dependability. I see you struggling between growing into a boy and staying a child - turn to the Lord and ask Him for guidance and wisdom.

Drew - God made you so unique - you are sensitive and kind, gentle and honest. I love the boy that you are becoming. Just remember that the Lord is waiting to send the Holy Spirit to live in your heart and from that moment on you will never walk in your own strength again, but you will walk in the strength of the Lord who will give you great power to overcome sin.


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