Saturday, January 14, 2012

Inscriptions for Abby: My Baby Turns 2

Dear Abby,
Today you are 2 years old -- our little fire cracker. You are more adventurous and determined that any baby I have  been blessed to care for. You ride this little red hovercraft thing all over the house and yard, flying around corners and moving those little feet as fast as they will kick. You are the most adorable little 24 pounder in the world and I'm a blessed Momma to call you mine. I can't believe you were only 4 lbs 6oz  at birth - you have grown so much! This year 2011 was your year. It was the year you learned to talk and walk and run and keep up with your  brothers. You spent this year healthy and flourished physically and emotionally. You learned to play and talk to us in your own little words - you love the words "shoes" and "Milk" and "Oh No!" A few other favorites are "Thank you" and "Max & Kitty" and of course the dreadful "no" which seems to be your answer to everything! You have mastered the fits in the pantry like all our other kids and I'm so blessed that your little tantrums are so very short lived! You are too content smiling and being happy - the only time you get upset is when we tell you "no" to more eating or won't let you sit at the table anymore.
One year ago you were mostly  bald and whined all the time.  You were crawling all over and slept a ton of your life away. You were sick much of the first year of your life and it just hurt mommy's heart to see you in pain. You had intestinal issues, ear infections, vomiting all the time, asthma, RSV and a pale face with sunken eyes - though you loved eating and smiling despite being sick! Now you are a flourishing little girl, always happy and not too sick! What a blessing this last year has  been for us.I delight seeing you healthy and not being confined to the house all the time. You are allergic to Eggs and Homogenized milk - but that doesn't seem to stop you much!

Abby @ 14 Months
Abby @ 15 Months - just getting ready to walk!
Today you are 24 pounds, you have long blond curly hair which you love to have up in pig tales. You love bows in your hair and insist on wearing hats too. What 2 year old keeps on hats? You do! You love to play outside and your favorite activity is sliding at the park or riding down the street on your red little scooter.You love to be girly, but play Nerf and Swords with your brothers. You love dropping little counting bears inside cups and then dumping them out and doing it all over again. Your attention span is getting longer, you can finally sit for 2-3 minutes and listen to a book! You still love to sleep and are so tired by 6:30 pm. You like to wake up between 8-9 am and take a 2- 3 hour nap in the middle of the day. You still love your "wubbies" at night and can't sleep without them. We are going to have to break that habit this year --- sorry! You have already started to tell me when your going in your diaper - I'm not ready for you to  be out of diapers!!
Abby 4th of July 2011 - She finally has hair!

My precious Abby, please know that your momma loves you so much. You bring such delight and smiles and giggles int our home. God has given you such a gift  - joy - always remember to smile despite the circumstances of life. Don't let the small stuff get you down. You are one determined little girl - I know that God will use that will to brings about true greatness. Always put the Lord first in your life and you will never be led astray. This year I've been praying 2 Peter 3:18 over you,  I pray that Abby will "grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen."

 Sweet Abby - You are dearly loved and prayed for. I'm so excited to see the many adventures God brings your way in 2012!


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Patti said...

Happy Birthday Dear Little One! What a pleasure to spend last week with you, your brothers, Mommy and Daddy. We had such fun playing tea at the little table in the play room and taking your dollies from their little bed for walks in the toy stroller. Abby, sitting at the table with blue playdough was delightful. You rolled, patted, pilled, pulled and squeezed with such concentration. Thank you for letting me take over your room. You were such a good girl as Drew, Gabe, Kitty and I walked all the way to the shops for Pizza and back. I love you! Grandma Patti