Monday, January 9, 2012

Grace Gifts

"Thanksgiving for God’s love always seeks to become thanks-living – a living and giving of His love." A. Voskamp

1001. A weekend away with the man I've been married to for 9 years. He is the love of my life and I'm a blessed woman to have been given such a precious gift of a man.

1002. The excitement of hearing how my husband witnessed to his hygienist. We've been ministering to her for 5+ years and God has opened the doors using her disabled son and my "disabled" husband. God gives good gifts like disabilities to be shared.

1003. Listening to my son master a word  we've been working on reading.

1004. Completed phonics lessons, disciplined child who is eager to learn and be taught "his way."

1005. My cup of coffee in the morning and vitamix smoothie that starts my day out right.

1006. Fresh farm eggs that taste divine!

1007. Science experiment - testing the various types of eggs sold at the store: Omega 3, Large  white,  Cage free, grain fed, brown verses blue. The unanimous winner  based on taste and color of the yolk - the eggs straight from the farm where the hens probably ate bugs and manure! I guess they are worth the 3.00 a dozen!  Now I feel like I'm catching on to this homeschool thing!

1008. Hugs and kisses from my kids (the next morning) when we arrive home from a weekend away.

1009. Sweet drops of rain outsite my window.

1010. Mother In Law who comes just to watch the kids for a  weekend so we can grow our marriage. 

1011. Hours of chatting and sipping coffee and reading at the book store - the perfect date!

1012. Greek restaurant with the best tabbouleh ever! It was a wonderful Anniversary dinner.

1013. Winning at cards.

1014. Chatting with far off friend.

1015. Two new shirts at  a great price.

1016. My husbands arms wrapped around my emotional neck. I love that man!

1017. Intimate prayers with my Father over my children and husband.

1018. A praying family that bursts out in laughter and keeps on talking to our Father. Gos is in the Joy business.

1019. Best Christmas Gift ever given and a husband who delights in it.

1020. Cell group time that draws me back from the holidays and reminds me of all my great friends.

1021. My children growing up, growing in favor and stature with God. The time is running away and I must stop the desire to keep them little and enjoy today. 

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