Sunday, December 18, 2011

How we manage through RSV and colds...

Our sweet little Abby came down with a cold last week, it has lingered and gotten worse in the last three  days which makes me thinks is the dreaded RSV. Last night she was coughing and coughing, finally around 11 am I went in and picked up her sleepy body and took her into a steam bath. It was wonderful, for 30 minutes she lay asleep on my shoulder while the water and steam soother her lungs. Then, I had John get her car seat out and I put her to sleep upright so she could breath. That did the trick, no more coughing! I also have her humidifier with a few drops of Eucalyptus inhalant going in her room. The eucalyptus inhalant is used medicinally to break up mucus and aids as a fever  reducer and fights against bacterial and fungus.

Today was Sunday, John took the boys to church and I stayed home to play nurse. Abby slept until 10 am. then we had a girls morning of hair straightening, bow changing and finger nail painting. Abby loved the pampering - so much that she let me put salt water down her nose and suction out all her snot. Poor baby! She never fussed,  so  I think she was just thrilled to be able to breath from her nose. So far her O2 stats are holding strong and she is breathing well. I've not succumbed to any steroids and I am so thankful she is  doing so well. I'll run and  grab her some raw goat milk tomorrow to help boost her immune system with some extra vitamins.

Tonight Abby is once again asleep in her car seat and hasn't coughed once! Here is hoping and praying for a  great nights sleep

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