Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Cookie Time

Today we baked 3 dozen Christmas cookies from scratch, for John to take to his class and decorate. We made icing and brought out the sprinkles, cookie cutters and food coloring. The kids had a blast, I'm exhausted and looking forward to some quiet from the Christmas music and the children who were wired up on sugar all evening! We had a glorious time talking about the kids who would be blessed by our gifts. Each of my kids were given one cookie and the rest are off to bless Daddy's school. The kids were so excited to send them along to kids who probably don't have a home life where they can enjoy cooking and singing and decorating. It was a great afternoon of  serving and baking and praying for the children and staff at John school who will enjoy our laborious cookie baking afternoon.

I think the kids faces tell the whole story! I just love these kids!

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