Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Window into My Life

I arrived home around 10:15 pm - visiting with a fellow mama over coffee, sharing life and lack of sleep moments. It  felt so good to get out of the house for just a  few hours and talk to an adult and drink Chai Tea without having to share or take anyone to the bathroom!

I look around the living room, lights are all on, shoes shrewd about, then I trip over a toy and notice the nicely cleaned kitchen - my husband is so sweet. I glance to the right and see light under the bathroom door - then I remember I've had to go for 3 hours! I open the door, sit down on the toilet and smile. At my feet I spy two swords - dropped in haste during a war scene earlier that  day that abruptly ended when one of my little's was caught jumping up and down frantically. I see a hardened bread crumb left from Abby's "bread" incident from that afternoon. My sweet girl went into the pantry and opened an entire loaf of bread on the tile floor. She then carried it all into the dog bed and proceeded to eat little bites out of each piece. I caught her looking so guilty! All I could do was grab my camera and laugh hysterically.

As I turned the light out in my quiet peaceful house, I went upstairs to check on my sleeping children. I tripped over a mummy corpse which turned out to be Drew wrapped tightly up in his comforter. How did he breath in there, his head wasn't visible or even obtainable and he didn't even have a pillow? His legs were completely fixed into his sisters emptied pink laundry basket which covered half of his body.

So I kissed my sleeping children and pulled the covers back over their peaceful bodies, checked to make sure Drew had breathing room and turned off the boys closet light.  I smiled and prayed deep prayers of thankfulness, my heart overflowing with joy for my beautifully designed family. I delight in their messes and bloopers and silly stories filled with deep imagination. I am truly a blessed momma - messes and swords and tripped over shoes! These sweet blessings are growing too fast and I intend to rest and delight in all of their joy and smiles and fun.

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