Saturday, November 19, 2011

Inscriptions for Gabe ~ Your 4 Years Old!

Dear Gabe,

Today you are 4 years old, what a quick and fun 4 years it has been! I still look back on your birth with such sentimental longing. You were my "almost" Thanksgiving baby. I delivered two days before my favorite holiday and begged the doctor to let me go home. We were home  on Thanksgiving eve - a mere 24 hours after  you were born. I was able to rest and be pampered by all the family who was in town - like Grandma Patti and Nana. I look back with a huge grin when I think about taking you shopping in my little sling at a mere 3  days old. We went to Costco and Bed Bath and Beyond and Kohl's. Then when we got home I found you all bundled up in Nana's van fast asleep  - alone! Both grandparents had gone into the house and left you in the car. You were only out there about 20 minutes but it was a moment of laughter that I'll remember forever. The Grandma's were so  guilty!

 Gabe I just love your smile and bright personality. You are always singing and making up silly songs. You love to compete with your big brother and keep up with all he is doing. I walked in on you playing with Drew the other day and was so proud of how you were sharing and playing with  your older brother.  You are often the peacemaker in the family,  you hate it when anyone isn't happy. You are also the most protective, if we're walking into pre-school or out at church and Drew or Abby lag behind you always stop and wait for them, often you scream "wait" in your concerned voice.

 Gabe - you have such a great sense of  humor, I love it that you always want to get messy -- I was especially impressed with your latest sticker episode! Your imagination runs wild as you bark around the house as a puppy or  fly around like an eagle.  Your my little jokester who loves to smile and laugh and involve everyone in your skits of fun. I love all the giggles and laughter around our house!

 My little man, you are growing into such a great man of God. You are a quick learner, quiet and thoughtful, contemplating deep things. You are a natural learner who catches on so quickly to concepts. You love to be just like your big brother and begged to "do school" with us this year. You were so dedicated to finishing the Kindergarten phonics, learning all the letter names and sounds with ease. I couldn't believe how often you asked to work on phonics - finishing in just 4 months! You love to work on math too, you begged to have your own math time like Drew, learning all your numbers and writing them in order (we're still working on fine motor skills). Gabe you are 1/3 of the way complete with Kindergarten Math. I'm so thrilled that you are devoted to learning, everything you do, you do with a smile on your face. Your mind is always focused on some task which makes you so easy to teach.I wish I were as eager and energetic as you - your "glass is always full" mentality is a breath of fresh air in our home!

 Gabe, your favorite book is Bunny Bungalow, you have the book memorized and ask me to read it over and over again. After we read the book, you always ask for  "Sleepy Head" tea, just like the bunnies in the book. You also want to squish cherries between your toes because you think it looks so fun and messy. I find it ironic because you are my messy child, always covering your face in whatever you have recently eaten.  You also can destroy a room in less that 5 minutes and can take hours  to get it all put back together. Your bed making skills are quite funny and we are constantly working on your clothes making it into the laundry.
 My precious son, you are madly in love with your sister, always protecting and comforting her. She sits next to you all the time and you indulge her in tea parties and race-car playing. You call your sister "little pip squeak" and "Abb's" all the time. Recently you  called her Abb's and she replied back to you saying "Abby," That was the first time I'd heard her say her name. I just love the bond you have with your siblings, being squished in the middle - seems to me the perfect fit for your personality - your a patient follower and a natural leader.
 My son, you are a treasure! I am so blessed to call you my son. I delight in your personality which is so different than my own. You bring joy and smiles and song into our family. Your always working through some adventure or quietly sitting alone reading a book. I just love hugs and kisses from you!

 This past month you received a big boy bike, you love to ride it all over the neighborhood. You obey the boundaries so well and have mastered turning around and weaving between Abby, Drew and the dogs without incident.

My son, you are 4 years old. You were sent from God for a great purpose, I feel very inadequate in shepherding you towards a unadulterated love for God. As you grow and mature over the next 365 days, the verse which God has put on my heart for you us Proverbs 16:9 which says "The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps." As you grown a little more towards manhood I pray that you will grow in knowledge and love for our Father in heaven and that the Lord's quiet voice will begin to shape your will towards Jesus and holiness. I pray as you grow in knowledge you would develop a deep love for God's Word. Just this past week you memorized John 1:1 about how Jesus is the Word, may you never forget to invest time in prayer and study - pleading with the Lord to reveal Himself to you. God loves it when we seek after Him and His Son - never leave behind the Word of God and know  that it has great power! The word of God is living and active and needs to be written all over your heart!

I love you my son, you are a blessing and a treasure. I thank the Lord for my beautiful son who lights up our home with songs of joy and laughter. May the next year bring you closer to the Lord!


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