Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sunday Best

You have to love girl things like pig tails, bows, purses, 'bling" , there is something about a little girl that just makes me smile when I see their personality come out in what they wear. Our sweet and ever vivacious Abby just loves to dress up in necklaces and carry her dolly's or purse around. She also loves to take those same items and bury them in the dirt mound near the flower bed.  Abby is all girl with a touch of brothers! She loves to get messy and do just what her energetic brothers are doing. There is no stopping her most days!

While we were in Austin for a few days she taught herself how to jump! Then she discovered how to take on and off water bottle lids. She is a growing girly of energy! Abby comes complete with attitude and drama too. She hates the word "no" and has no problem throwing herself on the floor. I just walk over the top of her and leave the room. She spends a lot of time in our pantry throwing fits and balling her little eyes out - each "no, you can't have a newton," or "no, we're not going to eat now" or "no, I'm not staying outside" brings a fresh bucket of tears with the world's worst mommy guilt face ever.

We're almost 2 and giving mommy a run for her money! I'm blessed to have a girl after two boys, but she sure seems to be a lot more drama!!

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