Wednesday, October 5, 2011

September In Review

Life has been so peaceful yet so  very busy the past month. When the heat of summer finally blows away, all our relatives come and visit. We've been delighting in our company this past month, we still have a lot booked through the month of January! My best friend Bethany will be coming for 5 day in October and I'm so excited!!!!

A brief summary of what's been growing in the Williams home - we've been growing brain cells with our school work, roots in our gardens, growing health and spiritual roots too!

The past month I've been trying to focus on schooling the boys, getting a more established routine in place and trying to  bring in as much fun as possible. We finished up Cheetah's and moved onto Johnnie Appleseed this past week. The boys are loving their phonics program and are just a few days away from being done with Kindergarten and 1st grade phonics. Drew wants to move on to 2nd grade work (we'll see) and Gabe will review Kindergarten again since he hasn't quite mastered all the letter sounds yet. Our Math is going well - as long as I  remember to set a timer for 20 minutes which forces  Drew to concentrate - we're 25% of the way done! We've also been working through spelling words, handwriting, and our Bible lessons.

I've been journaling a lot more and spending a lot of time on the Precept class at my church. I'm trying to be more disciplined about working out 3 mornings a week. I messed up my tailbone back in June falling down a flight of stairs and ever since have been having a lot of pain. I gave up my spinning class last month in the hopes of my bottom healing. That forced me to look into other machines at the gym which overall has been a great blessing. I'm now loving the elliptical and have a  great weight and ab routine. In general we're trying to eat more fruits and vegi's and natural foods. I've upped our grocery budget and accepted the fact that paying now for better food will result in less medical expenses down the road. So far the kids aren't complaining. My kids love fruit, yesterday Drew ate 1 apple, 2 nectarines, 1 banana, & 2 plumbs. Then we made homemade applesauce and he had a  bowl before bed. I had to go back to Sprouts today to restock all the fruits and vegi's. I've been learning to cook and enjoy new food like spaghetti squash and hummus!
Daddy's wood-shop time with the boys.

My mother in law just spent 3 days working on the whole outside of our house, all my bushes and trees look so nice! Thank you Patti! I spent the weekend laying mulch and fertilizing the lawn. My flowers are so happy the heat is gone!

The Lord has been speaking to me the last few months on the subjects of contentment, controlling my anger around the beginning of each month when stress mounts, and then saving and preparing for the future. We're praying about adoption and when the timing would be most practical in our family. John loves his job and the students in his class. He is such an outside the box thinking, I just love listening to all the unique ways he challenges his students to excel still more despite their disabilities.

Abby spent much of September sick, she is getting molars and a few other teeth she should have had a long time ago. We took her to the allergist and they confirmed that she is allergic to eggs, so she is on a rather strict diet. We also are trying to move to more organic and raw foods in the hopes that her Asthma will get under control without steroids. We have nebs and used them a lot in September, I just hate feeding her that medication 4-5 times a day. Gabe moved to an inhailer with a spacer, but broke out in hives the first 2 times we used it, so we're in a quandary as far as what to do. He really only needs a little boost in the mornings on cold days  at this point.

My nephew turns 1 in a few days! I can't believe it. That must mean RSV will arrive at our house any day! I took him out for a little photo shoot and captured the most precious images of him! I had a terrible time picking the one I liked, he had the most precious smiles and delights in every picture!

I can't believe we're into October, I so enjoyed September and am delighting in the cooler temperatures and all the play-dates at the park!

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