Monday, October 31, 2011

Abby @ 21 Months

 Sweet Abby is 21 months already! I can't believe how quickly the time has gone. I still think of her as a little baby, but then I look over these pictures and see a little girly blossoming into her own unique person. Over the last few month Abby has earned all but her canine teeth, that really made her look older! Then she started to talk and say things - incessantly. She has also grown to have an opinion and doesn't quite understand that just  because she signs or says "please" she still doesn't always get what she wants.
 Abby can say phrases now - her favorites are "I did it!" and "I get it." She also loves to jump with both feet! She is growing taller! Her pants are now 12-18 months, her weight is 23 pounds and her tops, thanks to a great sized tummy is 24 months. She is moving out of size 4 shoes!

 Her words are: Max, Kitty, Momma, Daddy (Daaa,daaa) usually said incessantly with a scream and a run, Bro (brother), wa wa (water), Mlk (milk), Bye bye, Night night, Sleep, Baby, hair, shoe, mine (I don't like this one!), Wubby (her passy)  no and ya. She also loves to shake her head yes or no to voice her opinion.
 Abby's favorite past time is eating, she loves to eat and eat. She is picky about what she eats so that makes it very interesting. She is also allergic to eggs which makes her sad at breakfast because her brothers are egg fanatics and eat one hard-boiled egg every morning.
 Abby loves to sleep still! She  takes a 3 hour nap during the day and then sleeps from 7 pm to 8 am. When she is sick or has the slightest cold, she sleeps even more. Her favorite toys are her tea set, baby doll and her brothers lego's.
 Sweet girl or mine, I just love dressing you up and carrying you around. You love to go out in public and enjoy nursery at church each week. You rarely cry because you miss me, only when your sick, You do love to cry and throw tantrums when you don't get your way, but we're working on that. I've seen a lot of progress the last few weeks and I think it is safe to say your not a "strong willed" child which I feared from birth.

 Abby, you love to smile and light up a room. God has blessed you with a beautiful smile and a sweet disposition that welcomes everyone you meet to great you with hugs and kisses.
I love you sweet girl!

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