Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Celebrating Honor & Heroism

Honor & Heroism - that is what we talked about on September 11th around our house. I wrestled a lot with what to tell the boys about 9/11. John and I didn't talk too much about the events from a decade past with the boys, they are still so little its very hard to explain all that went on that frightful day. We didn't watch any of the 9/11 tributes until that evening after the boys went to bed - hatred and death are subjects that I know will be talked about, but I just didn't feel that they were ready to hear about it yet. Their hearts are still innocent and I didn't like the idea of all the "why" and "how" questions I knew I'd get from our big 6 year old Drew. So.....

Instead we focused  on the heroism and honoring the firemen and women who sacrificed their lives for people they did not know. We talked about how Christ sacrificed his life for ours so we could be saved from our sins. The firemen on 9/11 scrificed their lives to help strangers get out of a burning building alive. A hero is defined as: A person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life. We discussed how God wants us to be courageous and always stand up for what is right - like for orphans and widows or for our family.  Joshua 1:9 says to. "Be strong and courageous..." so we practiced that verse a lot last week. Today at the park Gabe was being picked on by a little boy, Drew proudly stood up and protected his little brother. It was so encouraging as a mother to see that even when I don't know if they are comprehending what I'm saying, those same repeated message do come out eventually in their lives.

To honor the  firemen and women we went to the firehouse and delivered cookies and Drew made them a beautiful card of thanks. We saw how hard the firemen work and watched them  get in their gear and then were able to touch them with all their protection on. Then we saw where they sleep and were able to tour the ambulance. It was such a great field trip! I planned it thinking a  few friends would want to join, but ended up having 35+ people in attendance.

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