Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Today Was A Pigtail Day

Little Abby looks so cute in pigtails -too bad she takes them out when I'm not looking - every time!

I snapped this picture on Sunday and when I was editing noticed that Gabe is growing up - even with PB&J on his face!

Loved this funny picture of Gabe and his sissy. Gabe just adores Abby - I love that!
Sniff - the book club gals just left - we had such a great group of ladies and we all learned so much about becoming the mothers God designed us to be. Our book, Mission To Motherhood has ended and summer is now officially over on my calendar. I'm sad that my special girl nights are over for a while. I was so encouraged by all their insights and struggles and honesty. Sometimes you just need other mom's who are right there in the battle with you - they help you not feel so alone. I'll miss these special ladies nights - but I'm so glad I get to see them all during the week!

Next big thing on my "to do list" of fun adventures  - planning field trips for all us mom's!

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