Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nature Journal: A Morning At The Creek

On Tuesday we evacuated the house and went with a friend to look for fossils. I thought is would be a great opportunity to jump into our 2011-2012 Nature Journal. Funny thing  was that thanks to the rainstorm from last week, the creek was now full of water - which made it all the more fun! So, here is a sample of what our nature journal's consist of.

First, Every good nature study begins with a tree to climb!

Then you go exploring and see what kind of critters you can find.
Then you do some more exploring using your senses: What do I see? What do I hear?  Of course you have to get wet!

Everyone participates!

Then we pretend we are beavers and make a beaver dam and search for fossils and turtles.

Then we go home and read about the critters we discovered - like a brown turtle and some shells.

Then we draw a picture about something we saw in nature - like a lizard (which we read about today but didn't see at the creek).

We do some writing and imagine a story about turtles.

Then we build a  beaver dam and eat lunch tucked away beneath the "sticks!"

There you have it, a simple and fun way to experience nature and inspire writing, creativity and imagination. Drew is fascinated with all creatures great and small so these lessons were  fun for him - don't you just love his lizard known as: the Basilisk? This beats writing about "What I did over my summer vacation" - I never did like that question!

We also discussed descriptive words - like "The turtle was brown." or " The dam was tall with leaves sticking out." A free resource on nature journals is here at Simply Charolotte Mason.

Drew loves to play Wild Kratts on PBS kids and learn all about God's amazing creatures. I use this program as an incentive for focused attention on school work. For this moment, it works like a charm and he is learning way too many random facts about animals!

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The Linders said...

LOVE this! My kinders always loved their Science Journals. This reminded me that I need to start them at home, too!