Saturday, August 27, 2011

Inscriptions for Gabe

I never had a brother, never knew what life was like to have older siblings. I am so blessed that God gave me little  Gabe - exuberant and full of life. Gabe and Abby have a bond that is inseparable! They have been soul mates from the moment Abby and Gabe met - at 7 days old. Gabe loved to hold his sister, where as Drew was too busy. Gabe always told me when she cried or brought me diapers to change her. Even now, Gabe always has to know where Abby is, if we're in the store and she is trailing behind he has a melt down if  I get too far ahead of her. Gabe will always run back to her and grab her hand - pulling her so fast that she falls over! I love this little man and his divine love for his sister. What a blessed mother I am to have children who are best friends.

My dear  Gabe,

What a blessing you are to me! Tonight I watched you listen so closely to your older brother talk, then look over and  help Abby with her food. You are the only one of my 3 kids who could thrive on being in the middle. You ache to be big like your  brother Drew, but remember that your little sister is looking to you for guidance and direction. You don't even realize how big you already are - do not long to grow up so fast.
Today you were so jealous of your brother - you couldn't make Lego creations like him or build as great of a blanket fort as him. I just want you to know that you are not Drew, you were divinely made to be Gabe Williams. You are unique and like no one God has ever created. You are one of a kind and a dear blessing to our family. I do not want you to be like your older brother, his gifts are special in their own way for the purposes God has set aside for him. But you - my dear son, you are divinely created to be a leader to many, a quiet & intelligent thinker who will bring such glory and honor to God. You are gifted with a keen mind that thinks before he acts or speaks, you have been given a loyal heart that puts ahead others before yourself. You love to sing and dance and love life. You are not too serious - but not too goofy. Most importantly - you are not proud or boastful of yourself. The kind things you do are not self serving but for the genuine need of others. I love that about you!
 Gabe - as you  grow I pray that the smile on your face never fades. You have been my most joyful child, you came out of my womb quiet (you didn't cry!) and a student to this world. Your smile appeared at 6 weeks - once you discovered you could put your own thumb in your mouth. You never looked  back Gabe - that smile has been in place since 6 weeks! You are always happy and a joy to be around . I've never known a child who has such a great sense of humor or who could tell me such funny jokes. I love you dearly sweet Gabers! You are a shy one when in unknown situations - I was shy too (still am). Just remember to try new things and meet new people. You are not as outgoing as your brother, but are more cautious. I like cautious - I've had far less scares thanks to your cautious spirit - thank you! You also have energy! You can run so fast and for great distances! God will use that energy to create in you an eagerness and an excitement that others catch and want to imitate. Remember to look to your Creator as the only disciple, those who imitate you need to see the light of God being lived out and glorified in your life.

Gabe - keep smiling and never give up. I pray you will embrace the character and personality that God has bestowed upon you and that you will use it for good, not evil. Remember that your sister is watching you! She longs to be just like you - even playing Lego's with the big boys  by putting them in and out of the airplane. She longs to follow you around and do what you do. Do not get angry at your size or age - God has you right where he wants you. Do not break your brothers Lego creations in anger or destroy the forts that are made when no one is looking. I pray you will use that competitive spirit within you to do good and not evil. Your little sister adores you and is always watching. Remember that when you are led astray by evil, little feet follow behind in imitation.You will make an incredible leader one day - practice skilfully now -  for good habits are easier to keep than bad habits to break.

My son - I am a blessed mommy! You have been my easiest child, you are so laid back and full of life. I know that God has  big plans for your future! I love you sweet Gabers!



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