Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Heaven Falling?

Drew asked me this morning as we were driving Gabe to his first day of Pre-school, "Momma - Is heaven falling out of the sky?

"What?" I exclaimed

"Heaven, momma, its falling!"

I looked over and right in front of us the clouds had thinned and the sun's rays were shining through the clouds and it looked glorious. The sky was picture perfect for "something like heaven" to fall right through. The Son in all His Majesty was bringing joy to our morning drive.

The heaven falling conversation lead segment into how everyday we should  be living in Advent of Jesus' return to earth. He will descend with all Glory - coming with all the saints to  bring his children home! I hope I'm alive on that day, but either way I know I won't miss it!

As I'm working through Revelation in my quiet time I am just in Awe! I've spent 2 weeks just on chapter 1. I am in awe of Jesus - Revelation is the only book to reveal Christ in full glory. The picture of Revelation is Jesus - no longer a God-man in human form but the fully revealed God - all powerful, majestic, coming for judgement to unite His church. I never knew that the book of Revelation would allow me to fall more madly in love with my Jesus!

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