Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day

Drew the crazy 1st Grader!
In Texas, today was the first day of school for most children. There were buses on the roads, children anxious to get out of the heat, and teachers nervous to meet their new children. In our  home my husband was back to work and the boys Nana was blessed to teach 19 First Graders!  It was an exciting day! We have been back in "school" for a few weeks, but I thought it would be fun to share what our school actually looked like today. We have a lot of random times with regular stops for reading and writing.

Gabe - my Preschooler!
Momma woke up and hit the gym, then did a little quiet study of her own before all the family woke up. She drank a nice warm cup of bold Kona coffee and enjoyed the scents of a lavender candle. John headed off to work  and the little pitter patters of feet about 8:00 am broke the silence and a new day began!

We had breakfast and Bible time and then today was cleaning day! Every other Monday we try and get those not so fun chores out of the way - so Gabe cleaned the boys room and watered the flowers and Drew cleaned the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms. Momma cleaned her gross bathroom too - but never actually finished the job! I'm now blogging instead of finishing the bathroom!

Abby went down for an early nap and then we read about Aardvarks. The boys then watched a Wild Kratts episode about Ardvarks while Momma caught up on some work upstairs. Then Drew wrote in his nature journals about aardvarks and Gabe did his phonics on the computer. After, the boys spent about an hour building an aardvark hole to play in - that was fun!
Abby- the "helper"

After the aardvark fort, the boys went upstairs and played Lego's and I made lunch. After we ate lunch we sad down for some reading - I read a book to them about frogs, then asked questions like - can you find the word "Frog" on each page? What do  you think happened to the frog - did he like his new pond? Can you add on to the story and send frog on a fun adventure? Then, we read a book about worm composting - exciting! Drew has big dreams for his little crawly creatures - our wormy composting  class is on September 17th!

The boys then had a little rest which really wasn't a rest at all because they ended up playing Lego's for about an hour. Then Abby woke up and we all went downstairs for the 3-5 period during the day when everyone needs to run around and be crazy. The boys sat down and did their math, momma worked with Gabe on writing numbers and with Drew on solving for X. Abby ate the manipulatives and smeared her plum all over the table and floor! Drew then worked on his writing - handwriting without tears (no tears yet!) and then he worked on his language arts and reading on the computer for about an hour. Drew finished his chapter review on the sun and learned the sights and sounds of "IGH."I made dinner, administered the chapter review about the "Sun" chapter and counted down the minutes until John came home!

That was our Monday school day - nothing too  exciting, just lots of Lego's and Fort making and learning!

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