Thursday, July 28, 2011

While Daddy Is Away....

Lego Creations around the kitchen table - Drew did this one with very little assistance!

Fun times reading about inventions.
The past few days gave flown by, my mother has been helping with the  boys a lot so Abby and I have had more time to prepare some fun lessons. Our frogs are multiplying and my kids seem to be fascinated with just about any topic these days so we've had a lot of fun painting and coloring and writing and working on Math. We also are learning a little about Vietnam and their culture. Here are some of the highlights of this week as we anxiously await Daddy's return.

We did a colors project this afternoon, I read the boys Mouse Count and we mixed colors together and then mommy painted the boys with the new color. We then made pictures, Drew made one of flowers to send to his sponsored child in Africa. It is so sweet how often Drew things and prays for Samira. He verbalized a letter last week that we sent off to her - Drew answered her questions about Easter and told her he was praying for her Muslim parents. Drew's first question to Samira was  "Do you see Cheetah's where you live in Africa, do you know they run as fast as a car?" He also decided to dive into the Cheetah lapbook I was preparing for our first week back to school, I guess school and fun are finally synonymous!  Sorry the picture quality is lacking, my prized camera is in Vietnam with my sweet husband, so I'm resorting to our little coolpix camera.
We've been learning about Cheetah's - at Drew's request. They really are fascinating animals.

We started to learn about Vietnamese culture and geography was a great place to begin.
 My sweet friend Chantal shared how she used a light and a globe to explain the time difference between Vietnam and America. We don't have a globe, but a soccer ball worked to explain this concept to Drew. He was quite excited that he remembered that the Earth revolves around the sun. He then asked what would happen if the earth stopped rotating -- I really need Daddy home for that one. All I could say was that God created the universe so meticulously that if the earth stopped rotating there would probably be utter destruction. However, God is in control of all creation so I don't think we need to worry about that, though it is fun to thing about.
Drew's flower picture for Samira

Gabe's Masterpiece (Abby had one too but it was in pencil and the picture didn't turn out).

What is left of Gabe's Red and Blue makes Purple lesson

Free 1+1+1=1 Frog book  that I laminated, plus a 1.00 pocket holder from Target.
Our frogs are procreating and we have eggs, tadpoles, froglets,  and our adult frogs. The boys love seeing them transition. Today we had one froglet who sat on a rock all day while his tail absorbed into his body. Crazy!!! I wish I had my camera and could have done a time laps. I printed these great, free, books from 1+1+1=1 and used my handy new laminator to make the above picture. Drew really is taking to these very short little lessons. Today he learned how to spell the word "fly."  Our favorite ABC Bible verses are free on 1+1+1=1 so this year we will be going back through the book, this time with Gabe, and I can print out and hang up our weekly bible verse. How cool, she even has easy activities to re-enforce the letters. Such fun!
Life Cycle of frogs who are "live and in color," "doing it" in our playroom!
I seriously wonder if our female frog will die from all the procreation & male grabbing going on, they never stop!

Finally, I have been enjoying the ladies who are coming over for the Mission To Motherhood book study. We have been talking about some very  counter cultural ideals and sharing stories of fun and frustration. Last night we talked about gardening our children's hearts and filling them with righteous living. Sally gave us some great, practical ideas on how to inspire our children to greatness - my favorite was her sharing on literature. So.... I grabbed all my favorite books that promote great character and we had a lovely time sharing and discussing the role of books in family life. I've had some great feedback and many of the ladies have already purchased some classical literature to add to their library. I am truly blessed by this group of women who faithfully commit to read and share so willingly. What a great group of friends I have! Chantal even came over early to help clean and bake so I wouldn't stress about getting it all done before everyone arrived. Sweet Holly brought treats for the  second week in a row and she inspired me to take more of my pictures and journals and create memory books for my family to enjoy. I never thought of that before. I'm eager to copy all my 1,000 gifts and compile them into a book for our coffee table.

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