Thursday, July 14, 2011

Random Conversations

We were out running errands today and I made a mental note to remember the various conversations my children and I had over the course of the 2 hours we were gone, they are quite funny!

Conversation #1 -
"Mom, can I eat grass?" asked Drew
"Um, you mean actually chew it like a cow?" I asked in confusion (that happens often!)
"Yes, herbivores eat grass, just like cows"
"Sure, you can eat grass!" I replied

"How about pollen? Would pollen be ok?"
"Sure Drew, if you can eat grass, then I bet you can eat pollen."
" I'm going to eat some when we get home, maybe we can have pollen for lunch!"
"I'm going to eat some pollen before I bring in the  groceries, ok?"

When we arrived home Drew found a bunch of pollen on my daisies and ate three finger swipes, he thought it tasted rather bland and after seeing some ants on one, he decided peanut butter and Jelly sounded much  better.

Conversation #2 - Drew exclaimed that his favorite animal is the Cheetah, then Gabe chimes in, well my favorite animal is a chicken! Also, did you know that Gabe named his puppy "eating dirt?" I thought he might change his mind  in a day or 10 minutes, but he continues to  call him "eating dirt" a week later. That's my middle child - the comedian!

Conversation #3 - We were at Hope's Closet picking out books and I was looking for some tea cups. I have been wanting to get some classical tea cups for the ladies who attend the book club that meets every other Wednesday at my home. It is way more decadent to drink from tea cups - at least in Oregon where I'm from. We found only one tea cup and I had told Drew that I had hoped to find more. Here is the conversation that followed:
"Mom, you know when Jesus died on the cross?"
Confusion written all over my face, "Yes, I know the story, but what does that have to do with tea cups?"
"Mom, when Jesus died on the cross, he had a dinner the night before called the paserover, where they ate  bread and Jesus washed the apostles feet - like Luke and James and Andrew. Well, did you know they also drank wine?" Yes, they drank wine out of one glass that was passed around, so I think you should get the one tea cup and you can share the tea, not wine because wine is yucky,  with all the ladies? Isn't that right mom?"

Wow, I laughed and laughed that I had a hard time talking after that one. I especially liked the part where he started to name off the apostles in case I had forgotten the  event. So sweet! I just love my kids!

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