Sunday, July 17, 2011

Invention Convention Camp

Drew is our little inventor - he loves taking junk and turning it into something. So this July he spent a week attending Invention Convention camp! Drew was in his element. What a fun time he had learning about inventors, how animals have contributed to science, atoms, aerodynamics, and much much more.

Drew created his own invention, a tube  that takes a marble down to the bottom of his giant roller coaster, smack down into a cordless phone holder. His task was to invent something out of the recyclable material available. Drew did have some help from an older child because his teacher said, "he had so many great ideas that he couldn't focus on just 1." That sounds like our boy!
On the last day we all went and saw what he had been learning. I am excited that this unit will feed into the inventors/invention unit we will be doing in the Fall. Such a fun summer!

After invention camp we took a week off and then the boys both attended gymnastics camp for a week. They both had such fun and loved all the running and tumbling - perfect for our 100+ degree weather! The rest of our summer will conclude this week with a trip to Broken Bow Oklahoma for 4  days of family time. Once we return John will head off to Vietnam and will return right before school starts. I'm so excited for John to finally be leaving, but sad that I won't be going with him. I know it just won't be the same here without him!

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