Tuesday, July 26, 2011

He Has Left The Continent!

It seems to  this momma that John has left the planet, since he is going so far away! But, John has actually left our continent and is off to Asia, first stop is Japan, then Hanoi Vietnam. The kids and I took John to the airport this morning and said our good-byes. The boys cried and begged to go on the big "777" with Daddy. Gabe really wanted to climb in his suitcase, but sadly had to come home with me instead. When the boys were crying in the car on the way home I tried to comfort them and tell them that Daddy was doing God's work and needed to obey - just like they obey us, Daddy must obey God. Then I said, "God is sending Daddy to share the love of Jesus with those who do not even know the name and who haven't read the Bible." To which Gabe cried, "I haven't heard of Jesus either so he needs to come home and be with me!" Drew piped in, being the ever so smart one and replied "Gabe, you hear about Jesus ever day and Daddy reads you the Bible at night, you hear about Jesus all the time!" I just smiled at the innocence of my kids and their great deep love for their daddy. Oh, how much more our father in heaven love us!
John will arrive in Hanoi on Wednesday morning Central time (I think) which will be around 10 pm in Hanoi. Please be in prayer over John when you go to sleep on Wednesday evening, the opening ceremonies begin on Thursday morning in Hanoi which is when we are getting ready for bed.
Please pray the jet-lag won't be a problem and that he will speak what is on God's heart. Pray he has wisdom and guidance from the Lord and is the hands and feet of Jesus over the next 12 days.
Thank you again for all your support and prayers, as the kids and I prayed over John this morning and our team prayed over him on Sunday evening - John just felt renewal in his spirit and is so eager to see what the Lord has in store for him.
I'll update as John and I chat, good night!

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