Friday, July 1, 2011

David Livingstone

The kids and I are reading living books on Christians who did great things for the Lord. Our most recent book was on David Livingstone - Missionary to Africa in the mid 1800's. One sad point about David Livingstone's life was that he put his mission work ahead of his family. I was so saddened to read about his tragic life and the lives of his children who were ultimately abandoned because he refused to return to Great Britain to care for them after his wife's death. Livingstone was used by God in so many great  ways: to free slaves and bring the gospel to Africa, but at the cost of his most important mission field - his own family. What an example for me today - it brings me to my knees and I ask the Lord, "What can I do today to serve others - my children and husband and neighbors within the context of my family?"

According to Niall Ferguson: "Empire: The rise and demise of the British world order and the lessons for global power". Basic Books, 2003, Livingstone's greatest regret in life, written in his journal just before his death was "... that he did not spend enough time with his children, whom he loved immensely."

Such regrets for such a great man of faith.

So today I'm off to the pool to spend some sweet time with my two youngest children while Drew is at Invention Camp.

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