Sunday, July 31, 2011

Compassion Child

Samira - from Burkina Faso
A  few years ago our family adopted a little girl from Africa. It began as a way of teaching the kids about other cultures - specifically that most people in this world do not live privileged lives like we do in America. Last year we learned about poverty and fresh  water and hygiene practices to supplement some school activities. We prayed often for Samira and her family. Over the last year Drew and Samira have been writing letters back and forth. The latest letter brought about some great dinner table conversations.

Samira had written and asked if we celebrated Easter, the Christian Mission Alliance of Tampouy had put on Easter programs and had spent a lot of time talking about what it meant for Christ to die for us. She then said her parents are Muslim and do not celebrate Easter - she asked us to pray for her parents salvation because she wanted a christian family like Drew has. Drew is so faithful to pray for Samira, he prayed for her parents too after the most recent letter. Yesterday he asked "What is Muslim?" That lead to a great discussion about other religions and their beliefs. I was so encouraged as Drew stated things like "Well that is not what God says?" or "Is that in the Bible mom?"  Drew's plumb line for right and wrong, truth and lie is beginning to take shape and he is looking to the God of the Bible to answer those basic fundamental questions. It was very interesting for me to just listen to Drew talk and see him rationally talk out what he was wrestling with in his mind.

I urge you to sponsor a Compassion Child, in Burkina Faso the average income is 22.00 a month. Your support of 38.00/month provides food, education and medical care to children plagued by poverty. So little to change the future for a child! The relationship you develop with this child is so tight, the compassion my own children are learning is priceless. I love it that my kids want to send Samira letters and pictures they have drawn. I love it that she is the center of many prayers at night. I love it that my children are learning to serve others instead of being served. The cost of sponsorship is so small  and delights the Father because we have "... served even the least of these in the name of Jesus Christ."

There is now a permanent link from  this blog for those interested.

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