Wednesday, July 27, 2011


John just e-mailed, texts' and Skype'd to figure out what worked from his hotel  - they all did! Isn't technology amazing! John spent the last 24 hours on a plane and is now settled in a hotel. It was around 1 am when he called and he had to be back up at 6:30 for a breakfast, then opening ceremonies and then he will begin his 1st of 4 talks over the next 3 days. Please pray for him, that he would not be tired and would be bold and courageous to speak with a passion for the disabled. I couldn't imagine flying half way around the world, sleeping very little and talking in front of large crowds- my husband certainly is courageous! Thank you all who supported this trip - it has been a great lesson in faith for our family.
The boys are I are keeping busy and pressing on with summer fun. My mother is helping out a ton, she took Gabe overnight so Drew and I could spend some time together. Drew's idea of a great evening with momma - a Wild Cratz show learning about flying lizards and then some art together coloring Cheetah's.
Again, thank you all for praying!

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