Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Blessings ~ Vacation Edition

 "Be like a postage stamp, stick to one thing until you get there."

960. We made it safely to Colorado and back - stuck together in the van for 30+ hours, we truly grew as a family in faith, in love and grace and maturity. We had a  blast!

961. First family road trip - the books on tape were great, momma's singing  was fun and the fast food was tempting!
962. Family time at the park in Colorado Springs - we saw tons of  homeless people and it just broke my heart to see them watch our family running all over the park looking at trains and chasing squirrels. What must their childhood been like? I am so blessed by God to have been given three little blessings and a husband who would conquer the world for us. God has bestowed on us a great blessing and with it comes great responsibility.

963. Playing at the Focus on the Family visitors center ~ we spent hours playing in the rooms and going down the slide. Abby loved the toddler room with lots of room to play and run!
964. Pilot Drew and his adventurous spirit. Drew is always imagining crazy adventures so the Focus on the Family welcome center was just the place for him!
965. Pretty girl in a pretty room having tons of fun!
966. Eager children to play dress up? No, not really my  boy's style but they humored their crazy momma and had fun!

967.  Beautiful, Majestic mountain view greeting me each morning as I rose and spent some time with the Lord. I spent so much  time journaling and writing out prayers - the scenery was the perfect ambiance for deep spiritual intimacy!
968. Rushing rapids and waterfalls ~ God your creation just screams of a Creator. There was so much beauty in Colorado!
969. My mountain climber - Drew loved climbing on the rocks and cliffs.

970. Little boys with sticks -  they just go together and make me smile every time I see boys and stick or rocks. There was lots of rock throwing on our trip too!

971. Picnic lunches in the mountains with blow torched grilled cheese sandwiches!

972. Time with far away family.

973. Aging dog who made the trip with a sweet spirit despite her aging hips and shadowing eyes. Our Lab loved to be included and see her old handler Scotty. She even enjoyed the train ride up the mountain with our family and sleeping in the van two nights while we all slept in the hotel.

974. Girly smiles covered in dirt and mud! Abby loved all the fresh air and time with family.
975. Afternoon hikes with Daddy!
976. Time with Grandma who just returned from China!

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