Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Final Days of School

First, they imagined they were on a ship in the middle of the ocean.

They needed sleeping bags, a gun, walkee talkee's, and hats... oh, couldn't forget Puppy!

Then we did Art and Math and made a big mess ~ this is what the table looks like most afternoons.

 We made owl's and learned about being nocturnal and owl pellets!

Abby Had many questions!

Mommy's completed Art assignment, Drew is going to glue his owl on my drawing. I'm learning along with them, since I flunked Art in 7th grade,

Outside for Nature fun -  Drew found a frog and inspected all its parts.

Said Frog wasn't enjoying the experience and escaped.

But... Drew re-captured him and had a great time showing him off to his siblings and watching him swim in the water - then mommy made Drew put the frightened frog back. Then Drew journaled about it in his Nature journal and drew a picture of a frog - which he named "Jumpy.

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