Thursday, June 23, 2011

Colorado Trip Summary

What a wonderful vacation we had! I think Colorado is as beautiful as Oregon. I greatly enjoyed waking up most morning and sitting out on the deck, spending time with the Lord over some Joel Clarkson classical music and the magnificent snow peaked Rocky Mountains towering over me. The boys were so spent most nights that they slept well past 9 AM, which gave me some quiet mornings to set my pace for the day.

Certainly  getting together with family is stressful and it was so difficult to get 13+ people to decide on a  common plan for the day, but overall we had such a great time. The evenings were spent with cards and cribbage and canasta! The days were relaxing with a few adventures thrown in. Our vacation began on Thursday afternoon, we drove to Amarillo and spent the night, then on to Colorado Springs for  two days. We visited the Focus on the Family visitors center and we all played at Wits End! Then on to Breckenridge for a full week in a 4 story cabin - thanks to Grandma Patti and her adventurous idea! Here were some other highlights once we arrived at the Breckenridge cabin - some were planned, others not so much!

  • Swimming in the hot tub overlooking the Rocky Mountains
  • Leadville train ride into the mountains, overlooking 4 aspen groves, we also met a group of older ladies who fell in love with our kids and bought them each a special train and sugary sweets.
  • Swimming in the Hilton pool in Colorado Springs - meeting some nice firemen and playing with all their equipment.
  • Drew's fort below our cabin that he spent hours imagining and inventing in.
  • Taking the pack of dogs for hilly walks!
  • Falling down the slippery stairs (who puts tile on stairs?) and  getting a 6 inch bruise on my bottom that is completely  black - ouch!
  • Sliding down the giant twisty slide at Focus on the Family and drinking soda's at the soda shop!
  • Evening canasta tournaments - John and I won and didn't have any arguments!
  • Walking around down town Breckenridge, eating icecream and watching the river flow through town.
  • Date Night at  Bubba Gumps Down Town with my sweet husband.
  • Gabe throwing up all over the McDonald's lobby in Childress, he proceeded to vomit every 30 minutes until we arrived home 4+ hours later.
  • A random horse visiting with us in the Pueblo Colorado rest stop - malnourished and covered in tumors. I felt so  bad for the horse, I wish I could have taken him home,  but ended up calling animal control. I hope they found him and gave him some food!
  • Driving to the top of  Mt. Elbert at 14,440 feet which is the highest point in Colorado.
  • Tons of mountain sickness - the kids would vomit at the oddest times and we couldn't figure out why. Turned out  it was from the altitude!
  • Going into the mountains off-roading in Uncle David's truck.
  • Seeing a beaver.
  • Beautiful rivers and lakes and mountains wherever we looked!
  • Sledding and playing in the snow.
  • Awaking at 6AM to the fire alarm going off in the hotel - it  went on and off for 2 hours!
  • Cleaning out Abby's car seat 4 times while we were gone due to unexpected vomiting.
  • Playing at random parks so the dog could get out and run around and the kids could let off lots of pent up energy.
  • Book time with my kids and by myself!
  • Ton's of great food - especially Howard's ribs and Kessa's orange salmon!
  • Starbucks Runs!
  • Singing my kids to sleep in the car on our way  home.
  • Stopping at Walgreen's and spending 30.00 on various carsickness cures - ginger, ginger ale, migraine medicine, sinus buster, etc. We arrived  home very tired and very sick
  • Somehow the stomach bug found its way home with us, but we're finally all well!
Our family vacation was a success, it was the first we've taken as a family of 5 and our very first road trip with kids. We enjoyed the time with family and grandma and aunts and uncles. Most of all we enjoyed the chance to push out of our normal routine, embrace each day as an adventure (which is hard for me when things aren't planned) and go with the flow. It was a nice reminder to me that the best moments in life are rarely ever planned and a "go with the flow" attitude is contagious and fun to be around.We had a wonderful  trip to Colorado, the boys can't stop talking about it!

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