Friday, May 13, 2011

Why A Book?

Do you ever wonder why God choose to put his most intimate and personal details about life into a  book? Psalms 100:3 says that God gave us His Word so we would know who He is - so we would know his infallible character, which was positioned to draw us into God's embrace.

Today my son and I spent some time together, reading books while the world outside poured buckets of water down upon the earth. We heard thunder, saw lightning and marveled at God's magnificence. Drew commented at the first hint of rain, "Momma, its a great day to cuddle on the couch with a blanket, some cocoa and books!" I agree!

The book I chose was the Dangerous Journey, a paraphrase of Pilgrims Progress which was written for younger children yet uses big living words from the original John Bunion work. The book is written at a 4th grade level, but younger  children will still enjoy the theme of the book, they just might not get the allegorical effects. Over the last month, we've been diving into the life of Christian as he makes haste for the Celestial City. Drew is captivated with questions mid way through each sentence. I barely get through 2 pages in each sitting. Needless to say, its taking us a while! I love Drew's inquisitiveness, his constant thinking about life and choices and good verses evil. Here were some of the great questions that our reading time brought out this morning ( we're on the part where Christian passes through the Valley of the Shadow of Death):

Does Satan really look like a dragon?
If Satan is a dragon, can I ride on his back?
Why doesn't Christian use the words of the Bible to defeat Satan like Jesus did in the desert when he was tempted?
Can I tell Satan about Jesus so he can repent and not be so mean? Then he won't get thrown in the lake of fire!
Why did Christian leave his  family behind? Doesn't he miss them?
Why didn't Faithful have to fight Satan?
If Christian died would he go to heaven and then how would the book end?
Where is Evangelist, won't he protect Christian?
Why won't God send help for Christian?
If I were Christian, I'd train the dragon just like in How to Train Your Dragon!

Books are obviously important to God; The Book, the Bible is the framework from where all truth is rooted and grounded. When we as parents read to our children we are encouraging them to fall in love with reading and ultimately we are encouraging them to fall in love with God through His Word.  

Books allow children to see character in action - good and bad. 
Books allow children to live out their play through imagination. 
Books encourage a love for adventure and learning! 
Books  open the mind to thought and questions and force interaction with real life battles.
Books captivate, cultivate, and create.
Books spur on great conversations between parent and child.

Pick up a book and read to your child! You never know the great conversations that will be written!

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