Friday, May 27, 2011

Spring Happenings

Life around here has been very adventurous! As school winds down a bit we've been out and about enjoying the beautiful Spring weather, trying to fit all the outdoor fun in before it gets too hot. We spent some time at my mentor mom's farm last week - riding horses, getting dirty, holding baby chicks! We also went to Eagle Mountain and spent some time hiking and visiting with friends.

Our homeschool year is wrapping up, we've completed our Bible lessons, geography, our Dangerous Journey read aloud and writing basics. We will spend this summer working on some Math and Reading - since we don't want to loose anything over the summer.  Drew is reading so well, he read me a short story this morning in 3 minutes, where about 3 months ago it would have taken about 10 minutes! Drew loves to learn, he is in love with audio books and Math. We started the Math curriculum a few weeks back to get a little jump start on next year, to my excitement, Drew is whizzing through the lessons and is already done with 3 chapters. He is also thriving, using the Xtra math website to practice his math facts, which happen to biggy back the lessons we're learning in Math U See. The curriculum (Math U See) is fabulous. The homeschool co-op I go to highly recommended it and now I know why! Their website has all the details on the program, but in short, we love all the options of learning that is provided - from manipulative to a DVD showing us how to teach the lesson, or short daily assignments. The program is a base 10 approach and each lesson builds on the next, I wish I had learned math this way!

I escaped on Mothers Day weekend, along with John, to the Arlington book fair and listened to Steve Demme talk about christian homeschooling. John and I really enjoyed listening and leaning from this very wise man who happens to be the producer of the Math U See curriculum. John picked up a book from Answers in Genesis has been teaching the  boys all about the Moon. They are enjoying this special time with Daddy each night!

Gabe just finished his 2 year old preschool year - sniff, sniff! Is he really old enough to be moving up to 3's next year? Gabe loved his teachers this year and they found great humor in all his antics. Mrs Shelly and Shirley will be missed! Gabe has been trying to tag along with Drew's learning, so we started him in some basic math. John is going to take over this summer and teach the boys some out of the box science experiments!

Drew had two of his teeth pulled on Tuesday, poor boy, his bottom front 2 teeth made a premature entrance in the back of his mouth this past week. We were rather shocked - I guess they are called Shark teeth. Our dear friend and Dentist Amelia at Avondale Haslet Dental Center pulled Drew's two bottom teeth. Amelia was so quick and sweet, Drew never even knew the teeth had come out. Thank you Amelia - such a painless experience!

Our community pool opened a  few weeks ago, the boys are little fish and hate to get out of the water. They would stay and play all day if we could, Abby loves the water too - maybe a little too much. She is the type to dive in when your not looking!

As for me, I've been enjoying some quiet times at  home. In an attempt to get my hormones back in order - from 3 babies, pregnancy and nursing, I've been trying to not be too busy, read more books, relax, and smell all the beautiful flowers that have come up on my flower beds this Spring. I've been attending some yoga and Pilates classes at the gym after the kids go to bed, which is helping my body relax more. When I can manage, I still enjoy the 5:30 spin classes offered 3x a week, but in all honesty I've only been making it 1-2 morning a week. I just can't seem to shake the feeling of exhaustion these days. I did have some blood-work taken which came back 100% healthy, just to make sure nothing was wrong. My OBGYN says its common after many years of nursing and pregnancy to have a season where your hormones dive and take some time to level back out. So I'm praying through this time in my life, trying to keep my "tongue from evil" as we've been singing in our house.

I just finished the Monday evening Kay Arthur study on II Thessalonians which taught me to much! Any Precept study is a lot of work, but by far they are the most inductive studies I've ever done which also means I seem to retain a lot of what I've learned. I'll miss this accountability over the summer, but have a  great list of books and a Bible plan to work on this summer.

As the school season comes to a close we're preparing for a driving trip to Colorado, the boys have their count down on the fridge and I seem to be making lots of lists! We can't wait to visit with our family from Oregon and hear all about Grandma Patti's adventures in China.

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