Monday, May 30, 2011

Spring Blessings

943. An extra day of rest celebrating freedom.

944. Smiley little curley haired girl digging in the flower bed.

945. Gabers last day of 3's preschool, celebrating his wonderful year with wonderful teachers. We love you Mrs Shelly  & Mrs Shirley. Your love for Gabe and his crazy antics made me sing and smile as I left each Tuesday and Thursday.

946. Daddy and son at the kitchen table working through math problems - both with smiles!

947. I actually am riding my first wave, I'm normally the thrifty one that gets things years after they have gone into style. But, John and I decided to invest in an IPAD with some money we set aside for putting a DVD player in the van. We've been tickled at all it can do - so much potential and a total mind shift from the way we use to do things.

948. Blossoming garden with myriads of color!

949. Spring outfits given to Abby from dear friends.

950. Drew's dentist appointment that went perfectly, he still loves the destist and can't wait for his next visit. Not too excited about the need for braces, I'm not sure if Drew's front teeth will ever move up on their own.

951. Face-time with Grandma who is serving in China!

952. Train building that captures their imaginations for hours on end.

953. Special time with friends to sing and share and strengthen relationships.

954. Sleeping in!
955. Internet/Phone/Cable all down for 2 days - left me lots of time for reading great books and working on finishing Drew's school year strong with a few last minute lessons before Summer break.

956. Mother who takes the boys to the pool  and then keeps them overnight so John and I can have a little break.

957. Evening baking with wonderful music and the smell of great food being prepared.

958. Visitors enjoying our respit Sunday with scones, Chicken Paresian, and James Herriott.

959. Boys giggling and crowding around me as I read to them their favorite books.

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