Monday, May 9, 2011

Gifts of Grace

" The heavens are telling the glory of God;
And their expanse is declaring the work
of His hands."
Psalms 19:1

901. Catching up on life - filing, organizing, cleaning desk, cleaning out e-mail, paying bills, checking off short 2 minute items. I feel so fresh and light this afternoon! M y desk looks like it is inviting more paper!

902. Talking to my children about the difference between conviction and condemnation, opening doorways to discuss sin and God's grace which washes away our guilt and shame. I hope to entertain more conversations  about repentance and releasing my children from their guilt, oh how I also need to  remember this in my own life. My confessions to the Lord are washed away as far as the east is from the west, if God no longer remembers my sins,  how self righteous of me  to still  dwell on them.

903. Sweet, relaxing Mothers Day spent reading and meditating on God's holy words. Also a nice lunch  with my mom at Panera Bread and sweet gifts from my children and husband. I especially love their hand-carved soap hearts and hand painted jewelry boxes!

904. Time alone with my husband, he was so sweet to join me  at the Arlington Book Fair and together we got excited about homeschooling and curriculum and becoming more intentional about John taking over the Math lessons!

905. Husband and Wife reminiscing at Olive Garden about life these past 13 years.

906. John signed his 2011-2012 teaching contract!!

907. I just love my sister and her husband, how thankful I am to the Lord for providing me a sibling - one to fight and wrestle through life's ups and downs with. I am so blessed!

908. Quick Craigslist sale of our Jeep -  I was so sad to see it go. This was the car we drove Abby home from the hospital in, it was the car John drove to Cooks as I sat in the back making sure she kept breathing, it was the car I drive into Fort Worth on that icy February day to bring home my baby on oxygen! We made many great memories in this car  and it was such a  blessing to our family!

909. Cleaning out pictures and re-organizing, so many memories and such fun times! Looking back to various periods in my life and it inspires me to create more fun and adventure within my family - especially now that my kids are getting a little bit older.

910. Massage - a sweet Mothers Day gift from my wonderful husband, it came just in time to help relieve me of my horrible shoulder pain!

911. Listening to the new Laura Story CD: Blessings!

912. Planning and organizing our upcoming family vacation to Colorado- so many things we could do!!!

913. Good friends who were just placed with their adopted daughter in China a few days before Mothers Day. Seeing the light in their eyes and excitement for this daughter makes me long to adopt too. God loves the orphans and it just breaks my heart to think about a child that isn't being loved and comforted and nurtured.

914. Driving back and forth along an old country road spying on  wild Turkeys in the field close to our house.

915. Singing hymns to Abby  as she fights her breathing treatments.

916. Early morning quite, just me and the Lord. Oh, how I need this  each morning to keep my eyes fixed on the Lord. It also makes me a better mommy!

917. Conviction: watching my children exemplify areas in my own life that need to be brought to light - like getting distracted and not completing tasks in a timely manner, or working on good morning habits like making beds and putting clothes in the hamper. I'm so thankful for little blessings to keep me working on myself so as not to intentionally pass along bad habits and and poor character.

918. Giving a defense for the gospel in a kind and loving manner.

919. Scripture memory to keep me focused throughout the day.

920. Clanking of cups and saucers over scones and a good book.

921. Laughing every time Gabe says refrigerator - it comes out "fridge er frator."

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